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Month: January 2004

last night i was supposed to watch lowkey at big sky, but i ended up too intoxicated to stay. i've been drinking too much the past two days. i feel like i'm back in loyola.

can i just say.. big sky mind has the best potato chips in the whole world. period.

i got my NBI clearance today. there was no one there, and i got it in under 10 minutes flat out. the only problem was, i got confused with 'middle name'.. so idiot me, put 'lovine' as my middle name.. and the final print came out as "paul gopez y lovine".. i'm like what the fark! and then i remembered, shet middle name nga pala dito maiden name.. hassle. burat kasi mga tao sa states, iba yung gamit nila ng 'middle' name.. so i went back, made pa cute to the old ladies in counter number 3 and asked them to help me out. so a few smiles later, i got it fixed. no problem. score!

later, i'm off to twisted halo. i want to crop more of my hair. someone stop me.

damn you erika coronel.

bato bato pick + beer = bad news.

shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit i have work in a few hours.

i want to go home and sleep.

i got a package in the mail today, from a good old friend from loyola. i almost shat myself cos she sent me this really rad 'rub my tummy for goodluck' t-shirt, which fits amazingly well! and once in a blue moon do i actually get shirts that fit well! i'm so excited! i also got pictures (its really cute, ill post it someday), and a pez dispenser. then i realized that i really miss her, and now the only thing that can make me happier is if she was inside the package too. haha :"> cheers babe, i'll see you soon! you rock! meow! :)

the past two weekends, i've been heading out to kamuning with genie in search of textiles and other fun stuff to have tailored (she has hot pants). in a small oversight, the fabric that i bought for one shirt is pretty thin. i don't mind tight shirts that hug your nipples, but this is something new. not that i have ugly nips.. its just weird wearing shirts where you can see them. i guess we all need to overcome some inhibitions one way or another. i have a feeling i won't be wearing this one in broad daylight though. unless.. well... anyway.

spent some quality time with friends cyrus and tracy today. i imagine that no matter how old we get, how fat we are around the waist, how balds our heads thin over the years.. i think there will always be a time when i'll randomly show up, stick around, and be that friend that doesn't disappear into the past like everyone else.. but be this annoying little voice that lives in the crevices of your brain folds and pesters you forever until you're forced to admit that you miss me. bwahaha.. joke. :">

the first few weeks i started working at citibank, i remember staying late trying to keep up with work and preparing for the next day. on top of that, i invested a little time after 5-thirsty to sit down and figureout macros slash visual basic in excel.. in the name of nerdism, to automate my task of generating approval letters. it was fun because i had to sit down and think out the process of how the automation would be done - but now i have a problem. everything runs peachy keen, and cuts the time it would take me to put on a monkey suit and click the mouse repetitively like a robot. on top of that, one of the big projects i was hired for is already maturing. so i end up staring out the 18th floor window, wishing someone cleaned the windows spotless so i can take purty pictures of the sunset.

i will have no job. i will be useless. i cannot stand being idle, i need someone to push my buttons (not the kinky kind, but hey i wouldn't mind.. just kidding). or maybe i have a shitload of things to do, i just don't know what they are.. yet. shet.

"what's it like not to feel anything?"

- finnegan: great expectations

hello, welcome to the updates on lovine's crushes webpage. haha, just kidding. well that's what its turning out to be lately. it's kinda gross. i guess we all have our share of epic (mis)adventures, but i'm a bad storyteller and it doesn't help that there's not much of a story to tell anyway.. just a string of random trivialities that are supposed to make sense but then they're just a collective of stories with no point. my only consolation is that even though it doesn't make sense, it does however, make friends! teka malabo yun ah.

i went to ateneo's cersa gig this friday, and i give props to jeepney joyride and romeo lee and the brown briefs. i've never seen anyone perform like that since i was 13, when i saw parokya ni edgar at club dredd wearing maid uniforms, see-through-utong barongs with puruntong shorts, and undercuts. first time i've seen a pair of shades made out of spoons. oh the mysteries of manila are awaiting to be found.

last night i confirmed the pimpstar status of tagteam cecile and eggy. there is an image that will be hard to erase concerning a brand new red jaguar with no plates, an SUV police escort, short miniskirts, and young girls with a spoonful of attitude. ohh, sass. say hello, TWE (third world elite).

it seems as though the grass i'm standing on has become greener. i went up to EG (elevator girl) last tuesday to make small talk. she noticed my haircut and all, but of course i became frail and bedazzled in the midst of our short conversation because i'm such a sad little shit. and so i just said 'thanks' because she said my haircut was bagay, and left. oh listen to my heart flutter! i'll probably die when she realizes that she's elevator girl. i am setting myself up for disaster.. so this is the end my friends.

in other developments, i met my other crush at people are people. i would always smile at her in the office when she'd pass by, but i never really met her. i saw her last tuesday and finally found out who she was. too bad she's moving offices. boo. its funny cos she has big eyes like mine.. and EG has really really pretty ones.. agh i'm a sucker!

and to top the icing off my whole entire cake, barbie gave me a little paper airplane after their gig. its pretty cool actually. this is pretty cool.

just damn gorgeous.

my <3 goes out to genie. she is an angel! she cut my hair and we celebrated by stuffing our faces with beryani beef, ox brain, and other kebab heart stoppers. :-* F4 can now go screw themselves. yay!! apparently, i am lactose intolerant. my idiot face had this vanilla ice blended drink at coffee bean while helping out charl, ava, and ann with some sort of finance frou frou (this word i picked up from donnah bonnah. i'm probably using it wrong, but who cares.. i don't). my stomach decided to tie itself up into knots and purred itself into a puddle of interstellar grey matter. and because of that, i ate only half of ava's free birthday dinner. boo! but most of the time i was just worried about that whole finance frou frou. i hope everything works out, cos i'm really not comfortable making these numbers from the ground up. i'll make a bad anderson accountant, hee hee. whoops, lame joke. i miss being in school sometimes.

i saw ROTK afterwards with ann, but i couldn't understand shit cos i forgot everything in the first and second film. i have memory problems. the thing i do remember is seeing goma and lucy torres walk out with us after the movie ended. lovely. haha!

there was once this guy named mario, who i met 5 years ago at loyola. my freshman roommate, we roomed for 3 solid years and is one of my bestest friends in the world. i remember making him drink vodka for the first time when his girlfriend rosemary was giving him a hard time. i made him bottoms up the submarine as well (shot of tequila in a glass of corona). long distance relationship? been there, done that, now stop crying and drink up! hey, what are roommates for? he puts up with me walking around semi-naked in our apartment, while i put up with his boyband slash britney spears music and paraphernalia. i saved his ass from his family while he was off cavorting in new york for countless times during the year. late night mickey-d runs, gym-fests, and random drunken barbecue sleepovers.. we are always out for adventure. i have your back bro, even though your mother saw pictures of me running around the sunken gardens almost naked the night before graduation.

birthdays come and go, but remember that i'm always here to drink with you, cook you breakfast, or let you crash in my bed. cheers to your old hairy mexican ass. happy birthday mario ;)

she has the prettiest eyes i've ever seen! i finally met her this morning. yay! :"> today rocked!! from early in the morning till i came home at 540am, everything today just seemed peachy keen. spent the late night with an odd yet interestingly varied set of people.. and nothing can be better than just hanging out and spending time like its supposed to be spent - with friends. :">

here's a little something from my good old friend jason inocencio.

"if you had sex once a day for 365 days last year, and kept all the condoms and melted it, you can make a tire and actually call it a GOOD YEAR! Ü HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ü"

a little bit late, but its better than never. hope this year will be better than the last!

i'm at the internet cafe right beside my building. for some reason i can't look at the flat screen, it makes me squint. lunch break, oh what to do. i sit around waiting for more work to plop into my inbox, but sometimes it just doesn't come. and then there are times when there's a mad flood of paperwork and everyone starts to run around the office like little rats trying to get out of a maze and find their own chunk of aromatic cheese.

i got a shitload of coins again as change for lunch. later i will indulge myself by consuming hazardous amounts of fishballs and squidballs by the man who sells them down the street. mmm.

i went to tagaytay last friday with my comrades, to celebrate 8 years of our solid friendship. for some reason, the whole metro decided to drive south creating a horrible crawl from the exit at sta. rosa all the way up to tagaytay. good thing living in manila can numb your nerves a little bit, and you're just used to the pain of driving through congested roads with a lot of retarded drivers. and its best to tackle traffic with a sprinkle of good company and a dash of good music!

later on during that night, we started playing pusoy dos which is basically a variant of poker. at first, we were making the loser eat a fistful of hot and spicy nagaraya without allowing him to drink anything for the next two games but that became boring rather quickly, so we just forced the loser to sing karaoke with the magic mic... the fun part, is that we get to choose what song he'll sing.. hahahaha! we chose the cheesiest, sappiest, corniest love songs and supported the cause by laughing our asses off through the whole show. tonight, i celebrate my love for you... somewhere down the road.. i think its more effective when you're with people who are shy with the mic. hehe, too bad i wasn't one of them. the power went out at 3am and so i had to stop my rendition of rod stewart's do you think i'm sexy. oh the poor neighbors of canyon woods!

i have work in a couple of hours.. oh how lovely. vince and jessica are at boracay, and so will eggy and cecile over the weekend. bastards. they just kill me.



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