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Month: June 2004

nothing beats going outside the safety of your home, to find a dozen riot police in full battle gear. even better hearing about the tear gas reaching the gates of our house. too bad i wasn't home to get peppered with those pesky FPJ supporters. lovely! i'll miss you, manila :)

i'm off to the east coast to attend a friend's wedding. as soon as i pack to leave, i unpack, and pack again. i'm sure one hell of a packer.. anyway, i smell more fun times up ahead! keep in touch friends, don't be a stranger!

do it. just do it.if there's something that i know, its this: my friends are PIMP. you guys are hot shit. each one of you! i love all of you! not only because of tonight, but because of all the moments that we share. sorry, mejo senti, pero ganiyan talaga. you guys are awesome :)

everyone is waiting for that special moment, but sometimes it may not come.. because you were too afraid to reach out and touch it.

it's all yours my friend: nothing.. or everything. :)

had dinner with the gorgeous girls of the 18th. how lucky can someone really be to meet all these great people? i'm counting my blessings. man, i'm tired. i can't think.

last night i watched my last gig of barbie's cradle. i wrote them a letter and it came out pretty sentimental. had a part that was thanking them for giving us amazing music, reminding me the beauty of simply being alive to experience it. individually potent, collectively breathtaking. i really want to play in a band. its so.. spiritual. i'm pooped.

there's someone familiar in today's business section of the philippine star. hahaha!

i feel like i'm taking a crash course on brokering. i spend the mornings at the trading floor watching market activity (or lack of it, at times) while my afternoons are spent at the office devouring reading material. this afternoon i took down notes on the difference between fundamental versus technical analysis of stocks. what kind of tickles me is knowing that i can actually learn this on my own, if i just sat down and read about it.. which is exactly what i did today. all i really need to do, is put myself in a situation where i actually allow myself to learn. i'd like to call it 'situational schooling'. so far so good. i'm feeling really lucky, and i'm taking everything in.

you know its all good when you get home at 610am.


haiku: hay naku.

my head is thumping,

won't you get out of my head?

unspoken secrets.

cheesy: isn't funny how you feel so empty when you have so much? because you can't find the person to share it with.. sigh.

in more upbeat news, i sat in the makati stock exchange today. cool beans man, trading is pretty straightforward. i feel really lucky, it makes me feel like an undergraduate sponge. its weird seeing all the numbers rambling on the screen, knowing that its real money being exchanged, each transaction amounting to thousands and thousands of pesos. even weirded when you consider the reality of it; political jitters such as delays in canvassing votes and other national security issue frou frous really do have a direct impact on the market. its not just a little blurb you read on the news, its real news stopping real money from being invested in the philippine markets. one more week at the trading floor.. really curious whats gonna happen, what i'm going to learn.

an old boss called me awhile ago. "aalis ka pa ba? may makakapag pigil ba sa iyo?".. :) there are so many things i want to do.. . if they only knew.

i'm coming down with a pretty nasty cold. hope i get better in time for FETE dela musique! i'm ready to rock out woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

sometimes i wish i were back in college. not to study, but to meet more people. not just random people, but more specifically, hot girls! just kidding (ehe!). went to ateneo today to visit pao puno, that guy is "top dog" in my book! among random things, i also went to see sir bernie santos while a cloud of mosquitos ate my legs in HS, and then ran into the sayo sisters taking over the teachers lounge back at college.

this is tracy and erika. they are my good friends, but i really don't understand why. i think thats why i know i loff them :)

starting tomorrow, i'll be interning (somewhat) at the philippine stock exchange. i spent a considerable amount of time trying to crack my double windsor, but its both a bit long and lopsided. this is really frustrating. puh. aside from that, i'm pretty beaver about it! two more weeks, gotta start cracking!

mike benedicto's music is the shit. i cannot get enough of it. where the hell is that bastard. he needs to record more. damn.

i've been researching how to protect myself against bandwidth theft, which is slowly becoming a problem for my calvin and hobbes site. my package with my host only allows up to 2 gigs of data transfer a month, and lately its been pushing 3.3 gigs. screw all these shitheads who steal my bandwidth.

this guy is the champion for my cause, right now:


joey and dima's party this weekend rocked the boat and threw me overboard. the biggest letdown is how the night ended so much sooner than it should've. when gus starts to breakdance, you know the party is just starting. man i need to get my ass into more parties. guaranteed good vibe fun times! pictures are already online, click on the pic for more.

i'm at kuala lumpur right now with king benny. he has a meeting tomorrow and i, the lucky bum schmuck, tagged along. the master plan for tomorrow is to checkout the petronas towers, the tallest building in the world. score!

guess who got carded at dencio's earlier tonight? darn. in other funny developments, check out this shirt i got from people are people. click me!

i bought the most random things today. 75 ft. of video cabling, a piece of water piping for my bidet, a pack of guitar strings, and a harmonica. yes, a harmonica. hey man, for 60php (1usd), how can you go wrong? i also got a contraption that allows you to play without using your hands. pretty useful if you're strumming a guitar, or while driving through manila traffic while avoiding pesky bikers and pedestrians as i demonstrated earlier.. much to the horror of joy, who was my überlucky sidekick for today.

in keeping up with today's events of randomness, therese commissioned me to cut her hair. well, all i really did was a trim, and i got a slice of blueberry cheesecake as a prize. she has balls for letting me cut her hair, me thinks. has she fallen off her rocker?

everything is starting to make sense now. if i don't find a job, i can always resort to playing crap music along the sidewalk. or i can cut your hair for food. maybe tomorrow i'll learn how to breathe fire or walk on broken glass. mmm okay, time to polish up the resume. darn.

so i played a 5th and a 7th

because i had nothing else better to do

killing myself sitting idle

and so i hum a tune or two

hello i said and

the cow said moo


hmm, pretty uneventful weekend at phuket and bangkok. spent a day at each city, and sweated my guts out walking under a blazing midday sun embraced by a cloud of the most humid south east asian air you can imagine. lovely! i scored a shitload of cheap shirts that actually fit me though, which is quite a rarity considering my frame. aside from that, it seemed like i was in a cleaner manila that speaks a different dialect, with chili and peppers on anything edible. it would be nice to come back and do a real thorough combing of the cities though - the heat and humidity really just sapped the life out of me. man, i must be getting old..



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