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Month: June 2006

today, is officially my last day as a consultant with my firm. wow.

beck was an awesome show at the wiltern! the vibe was different, might i even dare say that the crowd wasn't typical los angeles snubbery. or maybe it's cos everyone around me actually paid attention to the show and weren't acting like the normal idiots i get surrounded with when i watch shows. except for that girl in front of me who started the night by rubbing her butt on JJ and eventually started to dance like a crackhead half of the night. beck was an awesome awesome show though, lots of fun indeed!! i would explain but of course it's never the same after the fact.. anyway..

happy birthday to my hero who makes-out in the restrooms of NASA, nannoo nazzal :)

i just placed my order for an initial set of neodymium discs. the NiMH batteries and ball bearings just arrived in the mail today. i'm picking up the acrylic and masonite from the shop this saturday. my bedroom is starting to turn into a workshop slash mad scientist lab :D i love my plankton!!

strange. beautiful. world.

king benny just left my room, after a half hour of 'the talk'. i don't know if the trembles are of excitement or fear, but i really feel like there's something spectacularly grand about his underlying endeavors. not in the obvious lines of his vision, but more along the lines of a running patriarch opening doors for generations, an astute frizel of common sense amongst a sea of fools. not playing by rules of capitalistic greed that so easily corrupt our souls, but by games of hard work, common sense, unwavering core values and the occasional exploitation of good luck.

he may fart at the dinner table and occasionally have bad breath, but he's still the real king, nonetheless.

my ten day vacation now slowly grinds to a close. although i'm not as disenchanted with work as i was a few weeks ago, i wouldn't be surprised if the drawl starts sucking the life out of me in the weeks to come. but i must admit, i'm refreshed and in a better suite to do what me gots to dos. hai-yah!

meanwhile, i'm neck deep in a few knick-knack projects inspired by my partner-in-crime. currently working on an early and possibly most awesome nostalgic birthday present i've ever gotten. researching the remote and servos for that one. for the other project, i special ordered some acrylic and masonite today, and am currently researching neodymium that i should be assembling over the next weekend. sounds like fun! hello, summer!!

capped last night with wolfmother's last leg of their US tour at the sold-out henry fonda theater in hollywood. picture is from live bfd at the shoreline last weekend. what a show!

prayers and condolences out to the tiosecos..

BFD was a good show. wolfmother and franz ferdinand have confirmed themselves on my personal list of must-see acts. the strokes were okay, but i have a feeling we just caught them on an off-day. i took massively sick pictures of wolfmother but my camera got confiscated a few bands thereafter when security determined that my lenses were detachable. that's fine, i got what i wanted. nothing that a cold fat glass of corona can't fix :)

i'm taking the next week off from work to catch up on life as a vegetable, live music whore, pseudo photographer, and other random what-nots.

prepping up now for the long drive back to the city of angels through highway 1 along the coast. the partner-in-crime and i are pretty damn stoked!!!!

three years ago.

i got an unexpected phone call during the day, and found myself pacing rapidly outside the atrium. the cubicle farm with a view must have thought i was a crackhead.

i always find it amusing when you're so involved with a task, that you begin to drown out both the outer world and the silver lining between the environment and yourself. it's a wonderful detachment. those days when you forget who you are and where you are headed because you're so immersed in what you're doing. but when somebody unexpectedly pulls you out of the water it's either one of two things - the relieving gasp of air that hits your face, or the jolt of panic slithering through your veins knowing you're in deep doggie doo doo. either which way, you realize that you've been underwater. better than not knowing at all, i guess.

i know a lot of people who like hiding behind their walls of contentment. judgmental against anything other than their portioned sliver of sunshine. but at what point do you really believe, that you're in the right place where you want to be? for all the comforts that we all seek, can be earmarks of accomplishment and taints of fallible circumstance all at once.

all the new beginnings..

i spent the lazy saturday afternoon sharing circa late 90's videos to my partner-in-crime. looking back, it was a mecca of stuff that can't be politically correct in this generation - an experimental film about infecting the HS water supply with a virus that causes all students to turn gay, student council tight pants dangerous dance moves and grease lightning, and a behind the scenes look at pimply freshmen in really awkward encounters with girls (or lack thereof). fancy the perils of growing up in a jesuit all guys high school. i should find a way to digitize them from antiquated VHS tapes and place them on you tube.

i still can't believe how much happened over the weekend. it's easy to get lost in the long stretches of routine, and it's almost like the rug gets pulled from underneath when you realize that time isn't static no matter how much it pretends to be so.

hello, baby lara. :)

too many major things going on today. everything that's starting to unfold is a tad bit too surreal, and it's uncanny that the most normal thing that happened today was finding ourselves in the midst of a free MTV movie awards taping for wolfmother. i scored some free tickets a few days ago and the partner-in-crime decided to drop on by to engage with the festivities. it took awhile for the gig to get fired up, but it definitely rocked my pants out once it did. i would say that my soul is definitely owned by rock and roll, but i don't think i should push it.

i'm driving up north to catch them again at live BFD (AFI, the strokes, franz ferdinand, echo & the bunnymen, yeah yeah yeahs, panic! at the disco, wolfmother...) and finally scored some tickets to their gig at the henry fonda the week after that. i'd say it's borderline groupie, but that pales in comparison to 2004's twice a week dosage of the now defunct barbie's cradle for almost more than 10 months. word.

and it's another big day in a few hours as baby lara wants out..

i want to jump out i want to get out i want to run up i want to escape from i want to hide with i want to live... me.



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