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Month: February 2006

come on, you've got to admit!

it's definitely cool that you can blog whilst pooping at the same time. hooray for technology!

there's nothing like sneaking through the back at 4:45am, and aghast at finding your jetlagged parents washing dishes in the kitchen, covertly grabbing the secret backup keys, quietly coming through the front door, and just by the purest chances of all eternity, running into your father walking the corridor as your stealth mode turns into naught. oh well. good times with soju and main street santa monica :P

the only real highlight of the week was the strawberry-banana milkshake i had with lunch at ruby's on tuesday. i wish i could vege out again on the couch watching adult swim and moral orel, with the little hurricane..

the streets are laden with the choices we make, amidst the scatter of options where we choose to go. in some corners we find ourselves waiting to reach the other block. and we pick up a few lessons along the way of how the lamps will signal to green when the cars allow you to proceed, and how each step is taken with a moment's breath of care.

we hesitate to ponder in the midst of bustle, that the warm kiss of a sun setting on your face can somehow offset the bitterness of frozen fingers clenched tightly into a palmed fist.

cars pass by, the birds pitter patter, and it seems like hardly anyone cares.

who am i?

long day, long week, but i'm happy as long as the weekends are guaranteed to come. there are days when i wish i was young enough to know everything, that i held the power to deduce everything into manageable chunks as i did in the broken heydays of youth. now it's muddled by the idioms of context, syntax, and the fact that you can argue the world is flat and prove it, too.

i guess that's why i lost interest in politics, i have washy social morals, and i'm not surprised that i generally have stopped exercising a strong opinion on several debatable issues. what has piqued my interest instead are the butterflies in the stomach, the flutter of images vaguely strange yet familiar, the elecricity of the moment when listening to music. the mystery of light and moon shine, the alteration of perspectives, the escape from the monotony of routine.

the possibility that everyday is christmas, halloween, and valentine's, all rolled into one.

hoppy v-day, boys and girls! :">

you really just have to, count your blessings. :)

our lives are ordinary, to the extent that we structure and embrace the predetermined tasks of the next day. i'm scared of not allowing myself to discover the hidden pleasure of spontaneity, especially since a growing laundry list of responsibilities weigh heavier on the shoulders as the years come and go.

instead of throwing myself at the mercy of this romanticised idea of living life, i've decided on a slightly structured path that has enough airholes and branches to swing from time to time. so far, so good... unless i'm doing a good job of convincing myself that i'm doing the right thing.

after all, everything can only come at you one second at a time.

holy cow, batman! i can't wait for coachella! my knees are a-shakin'!

wouldn't it be good to fast forward to the good times? but living too fast, won't let you appreciate the details that life affords when you soak it in slowly. fast forward may not always be an option, but rewind and playback will always be. it's always a good pace, if you let things be.



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