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Month: October 2012

Look At Me


The photo editor of the Russian online magazine Look At Me, contacted me on Flickr and asked to include one of my photos on a spread about "Japanese Tourists All Over The World". Of course I said yes!

Gotta love the internet!

Pitter Patter

Currently in a parking lot in upstate NY, listening to the dancing raindrops on the roof of our Volkswagen. Thousands of miles away from home, with two of the greatest friends anyone could ever hope for.

I am, always, home.

Drive Slow, Go Faster, Never Stop

We take the longer route not because we have no choice, but because it is a deliberate denial of the emptiness of traversing an easy line.  When we choose to take bridges of convenience and the  shortcuts of modernity, we surrender to the pace of mechanical indifference.  Choose the harder path, and the world shall make itself known to you. One step, one mile, at a time.



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