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Dear Daddy Ike


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Paul and Kat's New Band

A few clips from our gig last week at Mission Valley Montessori. Let's rock, kids!!

For All We Know

What a Wonderful World

Top of the World

Pride (In the Name of Love)

Three Little Birds

Pictures are here. We had a triple encore, and had a fabulous time. :)

Band name suggestions are welcome in the comments!

Hearts on Fire

Hula Hooping to Cut Copy. Kembot, kembot!


Depressed when I find awesome bands and found out they were at Coachella and totally missed them. Like the Black Keys.

I'm still debating about the naked wizard that got tazed though. That must've been for the books. Just like that time we seriously missed winning Carpoolchella by literally 6 seconds.

EDIT: Just researched, and they were playing the same time when we were shakin' our asses to Buraka Som Sistema. Life ain't so bad. Time to go to bed. Yikes.

I need music in my life. Not the kind of passive soundtracks that clutter your commute in the car, accompaniment in the elevator. Not the overproduced pop junk that saturate airwaves.

I need the dynamics of live music. The obscurity of the artist that writes to seek his/her own voice. The palpable chemistry of a collective group of souls that individually, create their own, but paint the overall message. The strange calmness of getting lost in a thought, in a time, in a feeling.


The real world is a strange place. So much emptiness for us to conquer..

I found some music I've been really enjoying. Check out Mark Ronson's album 'Version', and all the guests from the Nick Jr. TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba (The Shins, I'm from Barcelona, etc). I'm trying to find all the other stuff, but will probably end up buying the season DVD. I am really enjoying that show. A lot. Wow.

all for love - starring mic tatad and gopwet. guaranteed to make your morning, or your money back :)



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