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January 4, 2004

i went to tagaytay last friday with my comrades, to celebrate 8 years of our solid friendship. for some reason, the whole metro decided to drive south creating a horrible crawl from the exit at sta. rosa all the way up to tagaytay. good thing living in manila can numb your nerves a little bit, and you're just used to the pain of driving through congested roads with a lot of retarded drivers. and its best to tackle traffic with a sprinkle of good company and a dash of good music!

later on during that night, we started playing pusoy dos which is basically a variant of poker. at first, we were making the loser eat a fistful of hot and spicy nagaraya without allowing him to drink anything for the next two games but that became boring rather quickly, so we just forced the loser to sing karaoke with the magic mic... the fun part, is that we get to choose what song he'll sing.. hahahaha! we chose the cheesiest, sappiest, corniest love songs and supported the cause by laughing our asses off through the whole show. tonight, i celebrate my love for you... somewhere down the road.. i think its more effective when you're with people who are shy with the mic. hehe, too bad i wasn't one of them. the power went out at 3am and so i had to stop my rendition of rod stewart's do you think i'm sexy. oh the poor neighbors of canyon woods!

i have work in a couple of hours.. oh how lovely. vince and jessica are at boracay, and so will eggy and cecile over the weekend. bastards. they just kill me.

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