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Month: May 2006


the store is up and running! yezzuh. feel free to save the image and link to our buttons :) brewing up the marketing blitz, games, discounts, surprise prizes, and free kisses! yayayayay

it's been a while since i last pulled an all-nighter. but the excitement of tinkering around, and making something work that has been bugging me for a few months now is finally near! i can keep on going, but i've a secret date tomorrow which is another story altogether.

it's almost 5:30am. i feel like a really big nerd right now. but it's alright, i'll unveil the latest shenanigan soon enough! mwaa-a-a!

i need to stop toying with the idea of exercising premature exit strategies. but the question is always about timing. when is it too early, is it ever too late? also, does it even really matter?

boredom is my achilles. there's no way i can sustain this pace!!

my eyes are weary with dry baggage. of lackluster hours and necktie'd corporeal punishment. my eyes are dry with baggage. of routines, mornings too early and nights too lazy.

snail mail surprises are still an awesome treat, though.

click me. some pictures are up.

it may very well be possible that the insitutions designed to protect our lives and our liberties may be the ones that ironically prevent us from doing so. with the given framework, it's unfortunate that the requirements for change are tantamount to impossible, at least within our lifetimes. if only starting over were so easy.

escape is only as far as the last step taken.

let's say goodbye for the weekend, los angeles.

i'm having a solemn date with my grilled cheese sandwich and i-tunes radio. i'm really high on caffeine right now. and I NEED TO SEE WOLFMOTHER at the fonda!! me die. now.

I need out of the nerdery!

Digital nerds living in analog worlds.

annoyance blip on the radar is finding out new york will be raining the whole time i'll be visiting. better than a snow storm, i guess? wait, that would actually be more exciting!

it's changed a lot from the days when i'd ride the weekends on a whim of spontaneity. mostly because i never really had anything going for me and i opted to roll along with the punches. these days i find myself banging my head on the keyboard after missing wolfmother, ben harper, and other ticket sale mornings for gigs months and months down the line. i've got my sights on the charlatans UK and radiohead coming up soon.

for all the years i've lived here in LA, i've got no clue what the hell i've been doing missing out on all teh kick ass gigs.

i used to be scared of looking forward to things, since expectations never give 'em a fair chance. but these days, i really don't mind daydreaming since i've found it can only approximate a tip of the proverbial iceberg..

i'm debating about this format for my website. i've always wanted to revamp, but my inclination towards simple lines and functional usage prevents me from shakin' things up. i've confirmed that i'm a pack-rat of sorts, and i definitely need to learn how to junk teh old to make way for teh new. i like mispelling 'teh'. it makes me feel young and cool. wow.

anyhoots, i was cleaning out my mailbox when i came across an email from an old friend who made commented on my addictions. i think i was venting about blowing a month's salary on a new guitar to add to the growing list children huddled in my room corner. no i didn't buy it and yes i'm being steadfast and holding on to my cash. i should plop it down a large-cap growth fund before i listen to that damn voice in my head telling me to buy a 1959 porsche 356a coupe while i still have hair and can feign immunity from midlife crisis. not that i'm an out-of-control impulsive buyer, but i do have my moments. it's just hard to tell when i'll weak sauce it out.

i took cousin jeffrey to a discount camera store in hollywood and he scored a pretty sweet canon ae1 with a 50mm 1.8. snazzy!

sometimes it's hard to wakeup to mornings.

it's electric, a little bit fantastic.

i don't understand why los angeles has a low tolerance for the middle finger when they deserve every last bit of it.



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