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Month: October 2003

happy halloween! me and barbie had the same costume, because we both rock! :)

i feel like a loser. i expect more from myself, but i always end up somewhat stalling, hesitating, and just losing momentum. 7 months of bumming! i'd be glad if i were doing something rad, like travelling and what not. but i dunno. grass is always greener i guess.

anyway. i wokeup at 4am, and couldn't go back to sleep. personal issues. 3 hours of sleep, and i have another interview in a couple of hours. i'm off to get breakfast for a change, in my frikkin cute yellow necktie. haha!

get back to work, monkeys! i put up new pictures from tali beach today. also, there's a new compilation of old blog pictures. i thought it was cool cos you can click on a picture and it'll take you to the blog entry. random random trivia. ah shit i'm so sleepy. stay tuned this week for more updates! until then.. sayonara, bis bald!

i watched la communidad last night (spanish filmfest), and the ticket lady asked me how old i was. "i'm 14" i said, with a smirk of sarcasm. you know what, its alright that i get carded in the states, because in fairness i do look young compared to everyone else. but here in manila? come on man, give me a break. all for a spanish b-movie too. hooray.

i got drunk on gin pomelo afterwards, because there were a lot of hot girls around makati. i'm kinda annoyed that i'm single. not that i'd want any random relationship to just plop down on my lap, but its just annoying sometimes.

just got back from tali beach last night with the boys. for the short amount of time that we were out of the city, i sure did eat a lot. boy, for someone very small, i have to admit that i even surprise myself with how much i can devour. my eating habits are so sporadic!

it was nice to get out of the city and wade in the warm pacific ocean. its nice to be with my old friends and piss everyone off by having annoying side comments to everything they say. its nice to just eat like there's no tomorrow and fall asleep into a pig.. its nice to just have fun, without having the need to be intoxicated. and.... its nice not to have any work! shit, i'm a mega-bum extraordinaire. i think fungus will soon start to sprout from the crevices of my vegetating brain.

fear factor for dinner! can you see it? go ahead. click on the picture for an extreme closeup of what i ate tonight (that's if you really want to know. you've been warned!). it tastes weird, cooked a bit bitter/sour.. it wasn't that bad. the texture is a mixture of slightly crunchy body parts and a somewhat juicy body. its called camaro, which are actually crickets. its important to have an open mind, but i think its more essential that you have an open stomach. well, i guess they go hand in hand..

in a few hours i'm leaving for tali beach in batangas with the boys for a few days. its about time we went to the beach! hopefully there are a shitload of pretty college girls on semester break. and then they can all pat my beer belly. yeah, sure. :)

lovine: president bush's convoy passed right outside my house!

alana: did you wave?

lovine: president bush's convoy passed right outside my house!

kathlyn: yeah? i hope you spat at it.

haha, i love the contrast in their replies. i was surprised that there were choppers flying outside my home and people lined up on the street, while a convoy of vehicles cruised on through quezon ave. apparently, its just the president of the united states passing by outside my house. yay.

I got this from today's Business section in the Inquirer:

During a demonstration in front of the US embassy, a Filipino held up a most unusual placard. It said,

"Yankee go home! And take me with you!"

Filipino humor, man. Ü Any thoughts?

i have a slight crush on my dentist. she always kids around that instead of wiring the brackets of my braces, they should just wire my neck instead (i was late today and they ended up till 7pm). its funny how they try talking to me when their hands are in my mouth. well aside from the fact that the three of them (lovely ladies) are quite endearing, one of them has a really nice ass too. ahh, the perils of being a small boy. why does this happen? i wish i could invite them out for some ice cream.
there's something terribly wrong with my sleeping and eating habits. i wakeup for a few hours in the morning, take a nap the whole afternoon, and stay awake until sunrise. i end up eating once or twice a day, cos i only regain consciousness after lunch but closer to dinner.. so i just wait for dinner. baad. i'm scrawny enough as it is, and i need to get out of this rut. i think its time to get a day job, and go to the gym to normalize like everyone else. and when i start doing things like these, i know i have a lot of time on my hands: click here. by the way, i might start working for DTI- department of trade and industry. let's see what will happen.. sorry friends in america, i'll be delayed until further notice :'c

i'm ugly. but who cares? :) *grin*

happy birthday, therese child :)

holey moley! my site is a semi-finalist to this year's philippine web awards! i was wondering what was up with the sudden spike in hits (almost 4x the normal daily!). puh, and i thought all my friends just love and miss me! haha just kidding guys!:* i'd ask all of you to vote for me, for people's choice.. but yeah right.. lets be realistic here. with my string of badluck, i don't even want to know what will happen next! i'm enjoying the random good things that come along my way though. :) i'm gathering stuff for therese's birthday on friday, hopefully everything comes out well! will post pictures if all is well! oops i forgot- my camera is busted. anyway.. cheers guys, and.. thank you :)

i was pulled over by kotong cops for allegedly beating the red last night on a small t-intersection along e. rodriguez. i just scratched my head at what a lousy day it had been, considering that ateneo lost to FEU a few hours before. and it didn't help that the guy was fugly cos he only had one tooth left on his lower jaw which was already rotting as well. i was too numb to feel like bashing his face in while he stood there explaining how much of a hassle it would be for me to have my license suspended for 15 days, go through a whole-day seminar, and pay 1000php in fees for reckless driving. and so i lost 200php to grease money.. i should've shown him what reckless driving is, by running over his ugly ass when i had the chance.

the bad luck never runs out eh? so i went out to the living room to watch the big lasalle-ateneo game the other day. apparently, i managed to lock myself out of my room. even though the door was unlocked and turning, the mechanism inside the door decided to get fucked over, and nothing would budge. we had to kick the door open. i wonder what would've happened if i locked myself inside my room. but then again, there's always the fire escape through the window. my feelings are already immune to bad luck, i'm too happy-go-lucky for it to bother me. besides, i think i have good karma anyway.

went out and saw some old friends today. paolo bugayong and ej solis, i miss those bastards. its high time we had a beer. good times, but i need to see those guys (and everyone else) more often. if you haven't seen me in awhile, chances are, i miss your sorry little ass too- so call or text me, and lets go out. where the hell is everyone?!



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