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Month: December 2022

Yearning for LOLZ

Had a laugh over the weekend with friends-turned-family about the irrelevance of this blog. Now, decades later, finding this corner a reference from a simpler past, when self absorbed fools spelled out the nonsense in their heads instead of taking selfies, in the hopes of making something out of nothing.

I used to joke with Kat that I only used to write a long time ago because I was drunk. But now that I'm 40 instead of 20, the realities of day-to-day have completely overrun any desire for self-referential ego stroking. That's what it really seems to be. Maybe because words are better shared over cold inebriating beverages, but also because I would rather act the stories out in real life rather than talk about myself. I guess this is a sign, that I need a drink.



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