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Home of The Great Pelehonuamea

I used to longingly touch photos of lava flows when I was between the ages of 7 and 9, and never in my wildest dreams would have thought I'd ever see this with my own eyes IRL. But what makes it even more special is that I get to share the dreams I had when I was 7, with my own 7 year old. What an incredible experience.

Red Hot Halloween

Happy Halloween from our 6-year old chili pepper @heymato 🌶️

Dedeckera Canyon

Tested another version of the swivel mount during the first day of the year, this time using a wheel-bearing assembly (razor scooter), instead of a wheel caster. I thought it would get rid of a lot of "shake" I was getting from engine vibration, since there is a lot of play in the caster wheel. Looks like it didn't really make a difference, and most of the excess vibration from the too-stiff motor mounts was getting absorbed by the new Hero 4's super wide angle anyway. Next project is to replace the motor mounts back to rubber from poly, to smoothen out the bone-jarring idle we started getting after doing the 1.6L 16v motor swap. Or, what about getting a gimbal? $!

Eureka Sand Dunes Moonset

Spent the new year under a blanket of stars before the magnificent Eureka Sand Dunes in Death Valley. Absolutely stunning, but beauty always has its price - temps plunging into the 20's overnight froze everything including all our drinking water. Slept in a tent, and woke up at 1am to take a timelapse of the moon sinking behind the mountains around us. As I said before.. if your bed is comfortable, the view is probably not that great.

Sand Between Your Tires

Pismo Beach Sand Dunes

I made this a few months ago but never got around to posting it. Toying around with iMovie for the first time, and slapping on a little track I recorded on GarageBand.

Paul and Kat's New Band

A few clips from our gig last week at Mission Valley Montessori. Let's rock, kids!!

For All We Know

What a Wonderful World

Top of the World

Pride (In the Name of Love)

Three Little Birds

Pictures are here. We had a triple encore, and had a fabulous time. :)

Band name suggestions are welcome in the comments!

Carpoolchella 2011

Explosion of winners at the 0:18 and 1:20 marks! Easily one of the greatest thrills of my life - getting closer to THE DREAM of winning lifetime Coachella tickets! But this year, we just got merch. HAHA!

Coachella for 7 years and counting. 4 years of Carpoolchella in the bus. And we're damn ready for 2012!!

I have the cutest girlfriend. Ever. :)

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Just because you deserve to smile today.

Kat and Nickel

Wake Up

"Brothers and sisters, we should not allow this pride of hatred and scapegoating to infect the rest of the country. And one of the ways we could do that, is to stop it in Arizona. SB1070 is not only a racist law, it is a divisive law. And the millions who sign it into law are doing something that I view is an insult to our collective intelligence. What they are saying, is that our intelligent sisters in our migrant legal community are the problem. But they are the ones causing the economic problems. But the names of the people who are creating this economic crisis are not Garcia, Martinez, dela Rocha, or Morello... The names of the people who are creating this crisis are the hands of Goldman Sachs and AIG, and corporate America. They are the ones who took the jobs out of the country and then tried to blame it on our brothers and sisters suffering in Arizona for the problems. Well tonight, and every night, we need to step up and defend the rights of our brothers and sisters. Si se puede..

Si se puede! So wake up!! Wake up!!"
- Zack de la Rocha
July 23, 2010

Holy Fuck

Lovely Allen

Super Inuit

SHT MTN. Fun times at 0:25.

Been lucky enough to catch HF every year since we first caught wind of them in Coachella 2008, at the Troubadour in June 2009, and again at the Troubadour in 2010. I'm really digging these guys a lot. Shot with a T1i, but wishing I had an external mic jack so I can use a powered mic instead of the crappy onboard shizzle. Click on the vids for HD :)

Little Big Brother

Gabe's Best Man speech this weekend. Super cute!!

The Couch

Caution: Guam Might Capsize

What an idiot.

The Visitor

Someone showed up at the door this afternoon. I'll let you guess who was a bit upset about it.

I wanted to keep him/her, but the consensus was an overwhelming "no!". :'c

PS. Jetlag is a bitch.

Wild About Security

From 2007, starring my friend Joy.

Security Nerd C-Net Superstar! Hahaha awesome!!



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