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Month: April 2003

the sun is rising. man, oh man.
an all too familiar sight. the midnight lamp burning a golden into our room. those unforgiving sleepless nights where we conquer and detain our fears. well, these are one of the last ones. i never thought i'd make it through today, but here we are. just one day at a time, and its all over! i'm through! i'm done! i'm graduating! yeehaaaaaaaa!! hopefully, we'll get a photo finish.. i need to make the grades this last sem, and its just that one last push before everything starts to cave in.. wish me luck..
we got free dinner, and free alumni license plate whatchamacallits. the pictures should be up soon from the senior banquet and string of on-campus parties, i just need to take care of this massive avalanche of papers and group projects.

played for the last time at open mic tonight. it was pretty chill, played with andre and JJ. although we wanted a more solid sound setup, it was still a good gig nonetheless. oh well. i just wish i could've done this more...

oh, and i randomly decided to go with andre to brasil the day after graduation. now how random is that. out of the blue. this is the peak of spontaneity.. and with that click of the mouse button, i've decided to travel around the world. :)

i'm tired. i really am. i just dont want to hurt myself more than i should, more than i deserve.
i had lunch with megs today, and met her friend who has a very distinct resemblance with sarah.. it was kinda creepy in a way.

but what's creepier is spending 3 hours at the basement of hilton trying to make sense out of a balance sheet that harbors 3 circular references amongst all the entries. talk about mind boggling. of course i spent more time afterwards in the study lounge, bugging ponts and playing our "game" of psychological torture. at one point i stuck the gum she threw at me in her hair, and she retaliated by proceeding to kick my knee inwards. my friends do love me, eh? ;) poink!

what will beat the quote of the week?: "i feel like punching this flat screen and seeing how not flat it gets!" -andre on share repurchasing programs of AZO. fun times, baby.

i've realized what i really want to do over the summer: make music. first time i really jammed with other people.. and it was raw, intense, and funky stuff. its the greatest drug of all time, live music.. especially when its coming from you!
have you ever had one of those perpetual headaches? the ones which don't manifest themselves physically, but the ones that are just there... and those are the ones that are the most annoying.. and confusing. but we gotta put up with it i guess. its those times when you try to convince yourself that you don't care, but you still do, somewhere inside of you. sometimes i wish i can just shut off some parts of me that give me a hard time, but why bother.. you are who you are. :)

i don't know why i've never heard of this before, but its one of the greatest truths there is.. "everything is always, and never the same." good call, alana :)

i am sitting on the living room couch, listening to air's playground love.. while trying to make sense of this mergers model in front of me. i'm about to finish the standalone valuation, i just need to setup the market value of each firm's current debt. and then i'm probably a third of the way done in completing the model, which we need to write a 15 pager on. yay... i'm hungry!
a night of good open mic performances, and two bowls of nick's fried rice. what can go wrong? oh, i have an IS midterm tomorrow.. that i haven't studied for. and its 3am. oh boo.
when you're tired from washing the dishes after a cook-fest with your hawaiian suitemates at 5am, after going out to watch a blues band in santa monica, when your two best friends are bickering and engaging in a petty fight, that's when you know that the night was an interesting one. i don't know about that last one though. but the rest is peachy keen! chalk one up for fun times! :)
breaded mozzarella sticks from the lair taste like molten plastic.

and i am terribly in love with my neighbor's martin.

there is an imminent need to catch up to the big projects at hand.. the one that casts the biggest shadow is the mergers project. ahh. sometimes i wonder why i'm a finance major. and today i was stuck in the "advanced information technology" lab cos this cute MBA student was looking for a pencil for her test, and of course being the idiot that i am let her borrow it, and she didnt return till 2 hours afterwards i was done with my assignment.. which was also quite harrowing, i had no idea why i was doing an information systems emphasis on top of finance, at that moment.

and in a month, i'm out of loyola forever. how good does that sound? how bad does that sound? what DO i hear?

alana and i watched open mic tonight, where to our horror, the girl sitting in front of us had half of the entire length of her butt crack exposed. they said SARS was contagious, but dude, that was a health hazard if i've ever seen one. of course she decided to go commando in her jeans - there was just no way that any form of underwear would slip lower, with the sheer amount of buttcrack we saw. and why did alana have to bring up the image of that old lady in puerto vallarta who had ass hair? which was so long, i would actually have paid one of those peddlers to braid her ass hair for her. not to be mean or anything.. it was just an extremely odd image. weird situations call for weird comments i guess. i just hope it doesn't happen to me. *cross fingers*

had an interesting conversation with alana. i feel that she's somewhat of a real psychologist, and its beginning to really interest me how they think. of course the schmuck thinks i'm not strong enough to deal with whatever she thinks of me, and basically told me to figure out my life myself. well, where's the fun in that?? although there must be some fun in trying to nitpick your brain and ego yourself, but i think that marks the onset of going crazy. and for some reason, talking about myself makes me feel selfish in a weird way anyway. maybe she was right, why do i even bother? agh.

very interesting weekend, it was ellen's birthday on thursday and hung out with a few deutscheland kids at harry o's. on friday was the theta formal with breanne, that was interesting as well. i had fun, i've never been on a formal and it was an experience. actually i was glad i was with bri, cos its not awkward to go with her and its all fun :) funny thing was that it was on fantasea one, the same boat that my sister had her reception at for her wedding.

today, i finally made it to amoeba records with alana, deidra and becky, and hoarded a few CDs. i got the CDs that i should've gotten a long time ago: smashing pumpkins - pisces iscariot, the singles soundtrack, ben harper - fight for your mind, kula shaker - peasants pigs and astronauts, and gomez - in our gun. the whole weekend i've been listening to a lot of smashing pumpkins, i just think billy makes simplyamazing music, in the most fundamental and artistic sense of the term.

well, now with this damn daylight savings crap, its now close to 4am. will i ever get to bed early and wakeup early like normal people do? but why be normal.. when at the end of the day you're still yourself anyway. hmmmMm. Ü

i don't want to graduate yet.
kathryn, alana and i finally saw deidra's mural at the thai restaurant, pam's place. it was originally rosalynn's thai right on lincoln, but they moved closer to venice. as deidra would put it, it was rather "spiffy"! good food, and an awesome mural of course ;) deidra rocks!

finished putting up more pictures.. and trying to resolve issues with the name servers and stuff. we'll see what happens over the next few days. i'm starting to get the hang of all this tech stuff going on. pretty funky!



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