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Month: June 2005

pilsner urquell in the morning. beer - the breakfast of champions.

i spent the whole week working at huntington beach, a cool 50 mile commute from mi casa. a hundred miles roundtrip. waking up at 5am isn't as bad as i thought, but sleeping earlier is something i need to get used to.

yesterday, i was baptised sabido. i wonder what heights batuque will take me.

skipping slightly, i'm pretty sure it missed a beat. the almighty purr of the machine that keeps us running, is all clammed up and covered in velveteen. i'm so smitten. when will i see you again, plankton? :)

gotta love southern california. shake it, baby.

i think i should go online less, and read more. bike somewhere. take pictures, play the guitar, smell the flowers, fart on the grass. i lose sleep, might as well lose it trying to live a more interesting life than yesterday's hamster wheel.

picked up alex garland's the beach from kat. its a pretty good read, surprising for a fairly illiterate fellow like me. the last book i enjoyed was palahinuk's fight club. i haven't seen both movies, but i should get around to catching up on my pop culture aside from popping fitty cent's the massacre when i feel like cruisin' around the wesside fo shizzle. haha! someone shoot me.

recently i find myself counting my blessings and spending an extra moment at the end of the day thanking who's up there for all the good graces that come this way. the food on our plate, the company we share, and the ability to appreciate the small things that some people don't bother to see. speechless, because i have too much to say but will never find the right words. not yet, at least. :)

we yearn to see a world overflowing with meaning, to be able to find the small treasures of truth that sustain the very fabric of our dreams. it would be nice to wakeup in the morning and actually look forward to the rest of the day, wondering what it holds in store for the adventurer..

but in the course of the day you're beset with reality checks. road rage, junk food, deadlines and mortgages. global warming, hunger, and the struggle of keeping afloat in a capitalist fishbowl. there must be some sort of detachment somewhere. there's some sort of disconnect that you want to bridge, between the world outside your eyes and the one inside your mind, trying to find an ominous equation that ties it all down into live-able sense. but until you find that equation to answer all the questions (which is probably never), we live in the wonderful mysteries of trying to solve life one waking moment at a time.

sometimes i wonder, maybe that disconnect is what really matters.

my new hobby is sniffing dry-erase markers, and drinking liters of bottled water to initiate bathroom pilgrimages. non-linear post-it poetry offers progressive therapy during moments of oversaturated boredom, which is rarely the case inside the windowless office room on my round coffee table. medium and large size binder clips are my new friends, and together we face the rough world of application in-scope documentation in the valiant crusade of sarbanes-oxley compliance. the network copier machine is in heat! prop up the white collars, fo shizzle!


there's something about listening to the beatles in the middle of the night that's strangely comforting. after a long day, all you really want to do is stretch out and forget about everything. now, that feels better. :)

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