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Month: November 2003

out of boredom, i decided to compile all my splash screens. i'll be reviving the filipino baho word list soon, once i workout the form submission. click!

nothing much has been happening. my sister and niece denise are visiting from the states! denise is the cutest ever. she walks now, and its amazing how much effort it takes to become a good mother when you think of it. your kids will just consume you.

on friday i watched mike bene's gig. this guy seriously needs to get in a studio and lay down some tracks. can my friends be any cooler! they all rock!

you know those slightly awkward moments when there are only two of you waiting for an elevator to arrive at your floor? and it happens that the other person is a girl who's kinda cute? fine, right. the both of us wait a couple of moments, trying to avoid eye contact, but of course i sneak in a little peek or two to see if she's really cute. not bad! *ping* an elevator comes, and the both of us get in. i press the 15th, but for some reason it wouldn't light up, so being stubborn, i keep on pressing it, and then i notice that she's looking at me like what the fuck are you doing you retard. well not really, but thats what it felt like. and then i realized i AM on the 15th!. oops. so i give her a sheepish grin and shrug my shoulders.

mental constipation. where am i supposed to be headed? ah, i think its the 12th! alas, shes headed there too.. we both get out of the elevator, and she opens the door with her access card, and i realize that i'm on the wrong floor cos "human resources" isn't etched on the glass like its supposed to be. my face contorts like it always does when i get caught off guard, and blurt out "whoops! excuse me where's human resources??".. "oh that's on the 14th!".

score! lovine is an idiot and a half!

of course i run into her again later on that day in the elevator, on my way down to steal a little snack at mcdonalds with pattie and francis. i tapped her arm and said "don't worry i won't get lost anymore. :)"

oh yeah right. who am i kidding! ;)

my saturday night was terribly exciting. i spent almost 9 hours on my ass working for a client's website, and i'm only halfway done. yay. pfft. sometimes i wonder if i should question my (sporadic) work ethic, and accuse myself of not working smarter. citibank whore during the weekday, weekends doing freelance design. what i'd give to have my own hours! i like working, but i need to sleep through the mornings dammit! i like being busy.. but i also like not doing jack. i am paul, but sometimes i am lovine.

it's funny looking at my reflection in the elevator going up to work, all donned up in slacks and leather shoes. it's a turnaround from my long haired beatnik bum existence a few weeks ago. although i miss my shirt jeans and asics, for some reason i kinda enjoy being dressed up. i think its cos i haven't dressed up in so long. almost everyone in loyola went around in flip flops. i foresee that i'll be so sick of the getup in a couple of months, but hey, i guess i'll just take things as they come.

i'm getting a clearer gist of work, and a lot of things are starting to make sense. jimbo is on leave for two weeks, so we've been bugging roy with a shitload of phonecalls just to verify that what i'm doing is right. roy was saying something before he left, something like "the bank won't crumble into pieces because of your mistakes." he has a point, although i don't really want to find out for myself.

i've been meeting and hanging out with different people the past few weeks, and its lovely. things are just steady as they are. although i wish i could get more sleep. i like napping. i miss napping. zzzz..

citibank girls are daaarn purty. hehehe. :">

happy birthday, mother dearest! we had dinner last friday at makati- the traffic was horrendous, it was raining, and there was no parking. on top of that, i had panic attacks finding my way through the urban jungle to joy's house, who was my pseudo-date for the dinner. you won't believe me when i say its exaggerated, the mere logistics of finding her house. i swear to god its in the middle of timbuktu. that aside, and half a liter of gin pom later, everything was all good. later on that night i went to dangwa and bought a shitload of flowers for my mom. i'd take pictures of them but its too hot outside in the living room.

last night hung out with the old comrades. plans of an out of town this weekend are in the works. we can't believe its been 8 years since COCC-COLT training days. and now we whore ourselves to MNCs and banks.. ugh.

i have this chronic cough that won't go away, and its annoying the hell out of me. i haven't been to a doctor in the longest time, and i think its about time i visit one. too bad my doctor doesn't have a nice ass like my dentists'. how i wish i had a toothache instead. you can never win them all, i guess.

work has been swell. roy has been taking me around and explaining everything in detail. he leaves on friday, and after that, its all me. i'm just scared of majorly screwing something over, which isn't impossible to happen. and that would suck cos it wouldn't just inconvenience me, but would screw a shitload of people over, inside and outside the company. mistakes done a few months ago creep back here and there to haunt the project. well, i'm keeping my eyes open and i hope i'm not one of those mistakes!

met up with ateneo law friends for dinner. it was a good laugh about how women are just.. trouble, in short.

i got a haircut! yay! i'm getting sick! boo! *siigh*

there are days when i just don't want to see or think about anybody. sometimes i just want to leave. bahh.

pictures from enzo's birthday are up. the second day at citibank wasn't too bad, except that i was so tired at lunch time cos i didnt' get sleep the night before. roy showed me around the different departments, and hopefully i get to figure out the people i'll need to work with. its all really overwhelming, i feel like being tossed into an ocean and just scrambling to find any flotation devices i get my hands on. its like when i took up accounting and i didnt know what the hell was going on, and had to work my way up from scratch. its good for me, but all of this makes me really nervous.

today was my first day at citibank. lots of stuff going on, i'll need a crash course on the systems that they use and SOPs to wet my feet. good thing the guy i'm replacing is roy, my good friend, and he's showing me the ropes. i think hes stressing out cos he has to figure out how to help me make sense of everything in a span of a week. well, i guess we're both fucked over. yayy! i'll discuss more later, who would want to get bored with details of work? eww.

it was enzos birthday earlier today, and we watched BC at tapika. that's him singing with the band. hahahaha! well i have work tomorrow morning. cheers. here's a great shot for tonight: click me.

halloween pictures are up! click me.

an old high school friend passed by tonight to borrow some money. apparently, the guy has been shouldering all his tuition expenses since last year. both of his parents have been in and out of the hospital. aside from shouldering his tuition, he needs to pay for hospitalization and medication of both parents, and on top of that he has to deal with the emotional turmoil of the instability of their health hovering above his conscience. this guy has one of the happiest dispositions i've seen, and he's handling everything in stride. he's finding ways to earn his way through med school, and with the big heart that he has, will surely overcome the obstacles that he finds in front of him.

this makes me count my blessings, and reminds me of the uncertainties of life. love the one you're with, boys and girls. :)



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