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Month: October 2011

Don't Take Candy From Strangers

Family Portrait

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween! Greetings from our dysfunctional family in the San Fernando Valley.

My Wife

Kat's Self Portrait

Shortly before we got married. :)

Look at my Rack

Installed a new roof rack from SMP Fabworks last night with the help of Fil! Looks great, and was a cinch to install. Can't wait to ride on top of it while Kat drives!!!

Snail Mail is Fun

Hello friends,

I'm on the USPS website about to splurge on some stamps. As some of you may know, we sporadically send out random postcards from our mini postcard printer. We try to keep it interesting, and try to combat spam (the bad kind) with snail mail power.

Tree stumps make me sad.

Hit the comments with your email on the form (it doesn't show up when the comment is published), or shoot me an email at blog[at]lovine.com with your postal and I'll put you on the list for random snail mail action. If you have received postcards before but changed address, let me know so I can update my records.

"Doesn't matter where you're from, love is always free from Lovine.com"

Dear Mr. Postman

Dear Mr. Postman

Dear Mr. Postman

We have some sort of announcement to make!

I will also make a not-so-crazy speculation that you will never meet another couple who personally hand-stamped the postmark on the envelopes themselves. No one. Except the two crazy cats "Paul and Kat".

The Grandstand

The Grandstand

Homestake Dry Camp

Last night, we slow danced under the moonlight and slept underneath a blanket of stars.

This, cannot be further from how I imagine life should be.

October is Here

Where are we going?

Where are we going?

There are times in your life when you wait for something to happen, before you choose to act. You wait for the confidence to envelop your doubts, you wait for the mental calm to assuage your fears. The gut feel, the whisper in your head, the incessant beating of your heart. Some wait for a short time, others wait forever.

Break out of your molds, and leave the past behind. Find yourself.
October is here. And so is now.



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