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Month: January 2007

what i also like about coming home to manila is being able to be a transparent observer, watching people as they come and go, as they dance and play. in such a small social environment, it's almost impossible not to connect lines to the dots to the everything in between. partly one of the reasons why i also prefer not having any definite plans, to allow chance encounters that always chalk up to the books like an instant classic. like... tonight, i guess.

i didn't get the chance to see all that i would've wanted to see, and spend time with everyone that i wanted to spend time with, but everyone is running their own race. am just fortunate enough to meet the awesome souls that i've met and kept in touch with over the years. many, many more years to come.

came from the video launch of outerhope. really awesome band, i'm glad i got to see them live (finally). i really want to make their buttons, dammit.

tomorrow is back on the plane to the land of capitalistic dreams (or nightmares, what have you). can't wait for the weekend :)

wow. for awhile when i was growing up, spy was THE band for me. props to mikkel of kate torralba fame, for pointing us to one of the funnest, awesomest bands i've ever experienced - juan pablo dream. wow!

and so the never ending quest continues, to pursue a sense of self-worth, to pursue a sliver of fulfillment. the wonderful thing about it is knowing that you really have the option to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct all your perceptions of happiness, and the end of the day, everything is really amenable by your thoughts and if you're lucky, translate it to your actions... and really have ownership of yourself, own who you are, for who you're worth, because it's everything that you've got.

i'm lucky for the blessings i could count, not because i could count them, but because i know they can be counted. sorry for the sap, but it's not fun to get sucked in the detail of living. gotta put things in perspective sometimes - after all, tomorrow never does really come. today's always the day. :)

spent the last two nights fighting off jetlag to catch some bands play at saguijo. caught the following bands so far: sound, brigada, kjwan, nyko maca, sino si kat. good stuff. :)

just waiting for the crew to pick me up, and i'm off to the tropical concrete jungles of manila!

i have a feeling i'll regret bringing all the toys for the ride, but i figure i'll put all of them to good use. i'm testing out the old thinkpad x22, after installing kubuntu over the huffing and puffing windows xp pro. so far so good, it's pretty sleek and smooth.

i'll be out for almost three weeks. no work. yay. :)

what adventures hath manila be?

ian ball of gomez, at the hotel cafe.

by and far, my most favorite treasure of them all. :)

i'm not normally sappy in public, but i can't pinch myself to stop all the time. i just like gloating about my partner-in-crime! and sometimes i'd like to share the adventures of a couple that wear size small, but that would take a million pictures you see, and it may not end at all. :)

man, i just want to go home and poo.

all we ever really need, are the basic yet undeniably joyous moments in our lives.

like pooping. and taking naps.

Greetings, from Tarzana. :)


made a few sun jars for christmas. move your mouse over it, please :) it basically collects sunlight during the day, and gives off a soft glow to keep you company through the night. plans originated from instructables.com, one of the happiest places on earth! please stay tuned for more random projects of 2006. :)

the drone of monotonous tasks drown all legible nuances of hope. the hamster wheel turns fast, but only with considerable effort to make the sun traverse the sky and pull it's moon over our weary shoulders. yet the dreams of slumber yield only to the violate bleats of the morning buzzer. unfortunately, time is never experienced to be linear. the science of the mind is lost in it's own foolishness. it can take a lifetime, or for those unlucky, never at all, to sustain a moment's dream. but it's in the absurdity of repetition that we find the value of innovation, it's in the pain of waking up that we find the value of slumber. when we wake, when we sleep, when we dream.



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