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January 11, 2004

my <3 goes out to genie. she is an angel! she cut my hair and we celebrated by stuffing our faces with beryani beef, ox brain, and other kebab heart stoppers. :-* F4 can now go screw themselves. yay!! apparently, i am lactose intolerant. my idiot face had this vanilla ice blended drink at coffee bean while helping out charl, ava, and ann with some sort of finance frou frou (this word i picked up from donnah bonnah. i'm probably using it wrong, but who cares.. i don't). my stomach decided to tie itself up into knots and purred itself into a puddle of interstellar grey matter. and because of that, i ate only half of ava's free birthday dinner. boo! but most of the time i was just worried about that whole finance frou frou. i hope everything works out, cos i'm really not comfortable making these numbers from the ground up. i'll make a bad anderson accountant, hee hee. whoops, lame joke. i miss being in school sometimes.

i saw ROTK afterwards with ann, but i couldn't understand shit cos i forgot everything in the first and second film. i have memory problems. the thing i do remember is seeing goma and lucy torres walk out with us after the movie ended. lovely. haha!

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  1. you're a saint! thanks for helping out!:)your heart is too big for such a tiny little boy.;p you still look a bit f4-ish tho...;)

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