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January 18, 2004

hello, welcome to the updates on lovine's crushes webpage. haha, just kidding. well that's what its turning out to be lately. it's kinda gross. i guess we all have our share of epic (mis)adventures, but i'm a bad storyteller and it doesn't help that there's not much of a story to tell anyway.. just a string of random trivialities that are supposed to make sense but then they're just a collective of stories with no point. my only consolation is that even though it doesn't make sense, it does however, make friends! teka malabo yun ah.

i went to ateneo's cersa gig this friday, and i give props to jeepney joyride and romeo lee and the brown briefs. i've never seen anyone perform like that since i was 13, when i saw parokya ni edgar at club dredd wearing maid uniforms, see-through-utong barongs with puruntong shorts, and undercuts. first time i've seen a pair of shades made out of spoons. oh the mysteries of manila are awaiting to be found.

last night i confirmed the pimpstar status of tagteam cecile and eggy. there is an image that will be hard to erase concerning a brand new red jaguar with no plates, an SUV police escort, short miniskirts, and young girls with a spoonful of attitude. ohh, sass. say hello, TWE (third world elite).

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