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Month: August 2014



There are nights I hover on the verge of lucid dreaming, where I manage to skip along the surface. Low enough to barely arouse any suspicion of absurdity, protected by the depths of slumber. Later on you realize, you could've had so much more fun if you knew you were in control.

We should listen to our dreams more often. Sometimes, absurdity lies in the truths we embrace when we are awake, and the wonderful things we reject as impossible in our dreams.

To wake up, from being 'awake'. To dream, the deepest and grandest dreams.

One, Two, Jump



Takes awhile to load.. Not dial-up friendly! Friends do not let friends surf on modems!

Dos Años, Mi Sobrina


Almost 3, and always awesome, all the time. :)

Ancient Bristlecone Pine in Infrared

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

The harder they struggle, the longer they live. 4,000 years later, still teaching us what it really means to be alive.



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