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Month: April 2008

alexistioseco: lovine watched AND LIKED a movie?
alexistioseco: this is new!!!!
iamlovine: i know, right
iamlovine: i had to tell you
iamlovine: hahaha
alexistioseco: i must say
alexistioseco: and this is a compliment
alexistioseco: you're one of the few friends i can't talk about films with at all
alexistioseco: (well, except now!)
alexistioseco: hahahaahaha
alexistioseco: which is to say, i like you for you, and you are special

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The Lonely Couch Club.

I beat "Through the Fire and Flames" on Guitar Hero III, on Hard. It was a weird sensation seeing the flurry of colors on the screen and the microsecond when it all came together with my fingers tapping furiously along the plastic frets. I got the goosebumps. I just see patterns of colors on the screen, lock everything out of my consciousness aside from the melody and beat, and go FTW. So awesome. I am such a loser. Suck.

BEAM Toothpaste! Starring Pepel Santos and Wacky Abad-Santos.

Getting the new Youtube.com account warmed up! Here are a few surprise video montages I made for my buddy's birthday a year ago.. My, how time flies! Hello, Mikkel Gutierrez.

Baby Lara Nap Time

Baby Lara nap time! Photo by Kat :).

Dear Intarweb,

I am tired today. I got held up in the office because of some IT shenanigan happening across the Pacific. Had dinner extremely late, and whisked myself off to Spaceland where I wanted to catch Voxhaul Broadcast's last day of residency. No cover! I lucked out on a parking spot, but took me 40 minutes to snake through the line outside. When I got in, apparently I had just missed them and the last band Rumspringa was on. Not too bad. I tried to take pictures but my camera kept flashing "No CF Card" - I wonder what was wrong. Kind of hard to focus when you're doing things all by yourself :P

Before I left I bought VB's album, Rotten Apples, as a consolation prize.



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