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Month: August 2010

Technical Difficulties

Was in the Samurai getting off my exit at the 101, waiting at a light. As soon as I made my way across the intersection, I heard a big SNAP and the accelerator pedal suddenly lost tension and hit the floor. F-balls!! Fortunately, I was right outside an apartment complex and managed to work the clutch and inch my way up the lot. Right as I pulled up, another white SUV behind me conked out and had to be pushed into the adjacent gas station.

Then, while waiting for the tow truck to arrive, another car, this time a VW bus, is being pushed by the same group of guys that helped the SUV 5 minutes earlier. Seriously, this intersection is cursed. As we loaded up the Sammy into a flat bed, the LAPD bomb squad showed up en route to Studio City. I knew from the news this morning about a burning car found in an underpass of the 101 and a body discovered inside the car. The driver told me that they apparently found some wires strapped on the body which might have been rigged up with explosives, hence the arrival of the bomb disposal unit.

Talk about terrible Tuesdays. Stay safe, kids!

Stumbling in the Dark

Dreamt about a friend last night. I hugged him tight, and while patting my hands through his back I felt a rib that seemed to stick out, by his left shoulder blade. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, told him that I loved him. Then a wave of sadness washed over me and broke me into tears.


While everyone seems to run around like headless chickens in pursuit of frivolous shit, there are the few people whose hearts are made of gold trying to make this crazy world a better place. Everyday, I wake up from my dreams wondering if I have what it takes to live beyond my own, to give, to make the world proud. To create meaning, to find out what it really means to be alive, to pursue the horizon with a fiery passion, to live without abandon.

Each day, at a time.


The dog is now pink.

No it's not hair dye.

We effed up and had to shave him. Bald. :)

Salt of the Earth

I ask from the deities of the earth, the blessings of safety and the strength to overcome obstacles that we have chosen to conquer. That we may find within ourselves all we need to pursue our dreams, and achieve our ambitions. Knowing that we understand the roads we face are strait and fraught with danger. Knowing that the way to a true life is at once being humble, and taking charge.

Each day is a blessing, a gift unraveling without end.

So I'mma cut the shit and see how far 150cc of Vespa can take me, to those wonderful hills far far away. :)
(Actually, I'm just doing ~372 miles. Got brand new tires, and a new back plate for my jacket. Later, fools.)

Safe travels, people.

To Make Believe

Highway CA-1

I feel like I need to live on the edge of my seat, to pursue that distant horizon without the trappings of complacency. A need to surround myself and absorb the energy of kindred spirits, to face with curiosity where others would acquiesce with fear. To find the strength to understand what it means to believe in something, to believe in anything.

I am happiest when I am spiritually exhausted. Crawling into bed as the sun is about to come up after a long night of monkeying with something - whether it's propped up by words, by music, by photos, by a gossamer of ideas. Anything that can stand on its own and I can look back and say hey, I made that. Even if it's nonsense.

The Decade

St. Petersburg

bigzupancic: and she still makes me feel like a kid with a schoolboy crush

Spend Everything

St. Petersburg

Spend money on what you need
Spend nothing on what you hate
Spend time on what you love
Spend everything to know who you are



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