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Mamacita's Music

Mamacita at Oak Circle

Hanging Out


These guys. Friends in-utero, now unleashing some serious cute feels all over.



There are nights I hover on the verge of lucid dreaming, where I manage to skip along the surface. Low enough to barely arouse any suspicion of absurdity, protected by the depths of slumber. Later on you realize, you could've had so much more fun if you knew you were in control.

We should listen to our dreams more often. Sometimes, absurdity lies in the truths we embrace when we are awake, and the wonderful things we reject as impossible in our dreams.

To wake up, from being 'awake'. To dream, the deepest and grandest dreams.

One, Two, Jump



Takes awhile to load.. Not dial-up friendly! Friends do not let friends surf on modems!

Dos Años, Mi Sobrina


Almost 3, and always awesome, all the time. :)

In Transit


There is no permanence in anything. Are you coming, or are you going? How long is too long? How far is too far? Is this the journey, or the destination?

Tiny People



When things are, or aren't going your way- take a deep breath and take things into perspective.

When It's Hot


It feels good to get wet.

Happy Birthday Lovell!



Stay forever cute and cuddly!

Cutie Pie Lovell

You are the cutest fat brother anyone could ever have! We love you!!

Athabasca Falls

The Athabasca Falls from Jasper National Park, in Canada. This was an awe inspiring sight, as the thousands of gallons of water thundered down the rocks incessantly. It was very powerful, trapping you in a feeling of helplessness and awe, knowing that you were so close to such an amazing torrent of power that would swallow you whole. It is vividly different from other waterfalls I've seen, because our vantage point was so close, and the roar of the water blanketed your ego and doused you in fear. We're always used to being in control of our environment, but it's sometimes refreshing to think that in fact, we are nothing.

Miles and Miles

Felt like thousands of miles driving through Canada. Partly because it's true, we have driven more than a "few" thousand miles by this point. This sequence is from the very beautiful Glenn highway corridor, coming into Alaska.

Porcupine Campground

In the small town of Hope. The water is very blue, and very cold. Lots of people are out fishing.


He is a very friendly Musk Ox, who we met (and fed) at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, AK.

Flight of the Bell 206L-3

Frame by frame via 120fps. Sweet.

Happy Birthday Lovell

To the bestest, cutest, fattest brother anyone could ever ask for. Happy Birthday Bro! I love you!!!

PS I hope this GIF goes viral. Hehe.



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