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January 15, 2004

it seems as though the grass i'm standing on has become greener. i went up to EG (elevator girl) last tuesday to make small talk. she noticed my haircut and all, but of course i became frail and bedazzled in the midst of our short conversation because i'm such a sad little shit. and so i just said 'thanks' because she said my haircut was bagay, and left. oh listen to my heart flutter! i'll probably die when she realizes that she's elevator girl. i am setting myself up for disaster.. so this is the end my friends.

in other developments, i met my other crush at people are people. i would always smile at her in the office when she'd pass by, but i never really met her. i saw her last tuesday and finally found out who she was. too bad she's moving offices. boo. its funny cos she has big eyes like mine.. and EG has really really pretty ones.. agh i'm a sucker!

and to top the icing off my whole entire cake, barbie gave me a little paper airplane after their gig. its pretty cool actually. this is pretty cool.

just damn gorgeous.

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  1. ey! i know i never comment on anything (except for your kick ass music section and i made GP let you know that), but i thought maybe i should say something now... since your website is one of my few entertainments here at work...anywhooo....pick one and go for it! you'll be safe to pick between EG and your other crush. but my bro might jump you if you pick B.hahahahahaha.

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