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Month: December 2020

Love Your Volks
Gem and the Geminids

Gem and the Geminids
I love it how stars can really make you feel socially, physically, emotionally, metaphorically, philosophically, literally distant. Hoping that what prevent us from being better human beings can go ahead and explode up in earth's upper atmosphere at untold speed.

Better Than

Sometimes you prepare

Sometimes you prepare and think you have everything covered. Then you realize there's something that goes wrong, perhaps beyond your control but you are quick to blame yourself anyway for things you could have understood a little bit better. You're not as far as you wish you've gotten. You're not as fast as you hope to be going. It's not as smooth as the pavement that's laid out underneath you. But it's okay, because at the end of the day your heart is in a good place together with the animals you enjoy. The only thing better than an adventure, is one that's shared. Preferably in a VW bus.



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