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Month: April 2022

Home of The Great Pelehonuamea

I used to longingly touch photos of lava flows when I was between the ages of 7 and 9, and never in my wildest dreams would have thought I'd ever see this with my own eyes IRL. But what makes it even more special is that I get to share the dreams I had when I was 7, with my own 7 year old. What an incredible experience.

I'm Back

Sort of. I have a bad habit of revisiting this blog almost every five years, and revamping everything from the ground up, but still having it look exactly the same on the outside.  Kind of like how our faces are recognizably the same, but when you look back at your past you wonder if you were a totally different person. And we all probably were.  It doesn't help that the content on here spans literal decades worth of material - sometimes I have no idea (who wrote it and) where it was headed to begin with. Which probably explains how I found myself here. Still. Lost. I think.

Hey, Nickel

Prewitt Ridge

Nickel left us in the early morning of 1/11, after 17 beautiful trips around the sun.

To anyone who really knew Kat and I for the past 15 years, would know how the three of us were TRULY inseparable. You were with us for ALL the most beautiful milestones of our lives. Our stories about you are not only testament to a life filled with adventure and shenanigans, but the way you taught us how to love each other is etched so deep that I truly knew you were an extension of me, as much as we were an extension of you. I will love you forever, my dearest best friend. Long live, the legend.



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