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Month: June 2015

Create Stagnate

On the tail end of three and 1/3 decades later, the revelation of purpose is the pursuit of creating. May it be through the form of poetry in music, imagery to share with friends and strangers who weren't there that you wish would've been, or the immediacy of wanting to understand how and why things work when they do and more importantly, when they don't. So much to learn in such little time, that the pitfall of plying the jack-of-all-trades master-of-none card becomes very real. If only we knew what we knew now, back when we were 16. Problem is, you already knew everything when you were 16. F.

Wake up each morning and renew the promises to be a better person, never stopping to pursue, never stopping to create. Art, music, love. Tangibles that represent intangibles. A hummingbird does not live for very long (a price it pays for acrobatic flight). Neither do we, nor our capacity to fulfill our life-long dreams.

TLDR; My worms are overheating and dying in the worm bin, the VW engine has been torn apart to the long block for the past 6 months, opportunities abound at work but I need to grow 3 more heads and a set of arms to rival a Hindu deity. I guess that's a facet of learning, when you have no other choice but to swallow when you've bitten off more than you can chew.

Hanging Out


These guys. Friends in-utero, now unleashing some serious cute feels all over.



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