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Red Hot Halloween

Happy Halloween from our 6-year old chili pepper @heymato 🌶️

Happy Birthday Anthony Keidis

Happy Birthday #anthonykeidis from your smallest and hottest pepper fan @heymato #redhotchilipeppers. 🤙

Happy Birthday #anthonykeidis from your smallest and hottest pepper fan @heymato

My Faves

My faves

Mato Bear

Mato Bear

Summer nights.

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Exploring Together

2016-03-07 12.04.30 1

Happiness is a Volkswagen far from home. Exploring the new and the old, together with those who matter to you the most. Constantly reminded of the beauty in all things, in the most unexpected places.

Superbloom in Death Valley

2016-03-04 09.00.24 1

What is normally a barren expanse of rocky washes has turned into an explosion of color. If life can survive in these places, what sort of color is waiting to bloom in the barren expanse of our own humanity?

Long Hair Don't Care


Rock and rolling our way into the new year, MFers!

No Return, No Exchange


While gifts come in many forms, my favorite are the ones without a receipt.Happy holidays, that we may continually be reminded of the love and friendship that endures all seasons and forever surrounds our lives.

Mamacita's Music

Mamacita at Oak Circle


Endeavour. #matobear #california #californiasciencecenter #spaceshuttle

Keepin' the Dream Alive

But first, I need to wake up and get back to work.


Without ME It's Just AWESO

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Processed with VSCOcam



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