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Month: September 2006

this looks like my last day of fieldwork at houston. i've taken a liking to this city, aside from the fact that i'm located southwest of downtown proper, in a funny little suburb called sugar land. the people are pretty, genuinely friendly, terribly honest, real estate is affordable, and beer is cheap. it's not a bad spot at all.

the clouds of complacency are starting to pool again. i always replay images of me hopping on trains, nothing but a pack on my back, an open eye, and an eager mind. in as much as i try to parallel my disposition to the other tasks i've sold myself to, i can stretch my morals pretty thin, but it doesn't help that my mind keeps wandering on all different directions. it's one thing to dream of something, and it's another to build it. it's one thing to make promises, and it's another, to keep it.

eleven hours and twenty minutes on the wheel today.

i need to go do something crazy. climb a mountain or something. cut my hair. do handstands. i skipped lunch in favor of coffee and water, and i'm sure my partner in crime will not be so pleased. there has to be some major soul searching coming up around the bends, before i get lost in the pig fat american world of consumerism. buy! bigger! better! let's all sell our souls! so we can trade time against convenience and lifestyle, so we can gain pleasures from our pain.

i'm sitting at the airport terminal for a flight back out to houston, and the family beside me has three young girls. the eldest of which is probably no older than 8, but most definitely weighs much more than i do. i'm crossing my fingers and my toes that i don't sit next to them on the plane since they're producing a lot of unnecessary noise and i might try to jump out of the plane. i need to buy earplugs. and it doesn't help that my ipod has nothing interesting since i stopped downloading music awhile ago..

before i got to this point, i wandered to the check-in counter only to realise in horror that i misplaced my drivers license in another pair of pants back home, since i took it out of my wallet to make a photocopy for my dad. chalk one up for stupidity. so i used my infallible charm and bambi-eyed the attendant into patching me through the flight.

oops, boarding now. later, los angeles.

had so much fun this weekend! craziness! pictures here and here. :)

other family pictures are online as well. am working with another dot-com project with the partner in crime, we'll keep you posted..

it's hard to put things in perspective when you don't buy the validity of its importance at all. healthy skepticism may be necessary to ironically protect yourself against false realities, but there's always the loophole of 'belief' that has the ability to ensnare yourself into pretexts and detach yourself from arriving at sound, reasonable judgment.

steve irwin just passed away.

i am very sad.

i read on wikipedia that he stuck his thumb up the stingray's butthole, though. but now they revised it. word.

good every morning!



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