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Month: June 2008

Sleepy Nickel

Sleepy eyes rest on a tired smile
Trying to get out of the dizzying tumble
of a hamster wheel that answers no questions
Just an endless pitter patter
of stuff to do
Dues to pay
Things to consider
but it's really up to you,
to decide what to do.

I'm sleepy. Hopping on a plane soon, for a slew of work and other trips. Need to finish packing. I'll be doing six point-to-point legs on this trip. Sigh.

Brevior saltare cum deformibus mulieribus est vita.


Yo, VBS.tv has some really good stuff. Been checking out their videos regularly for the past year. Sweet.

Hello, Domo

Our days are fickle and fleeting. Or they can also last forever. Just like the smallest of decisions we choose. Can take less than a heartbeat to determine, or a lifetime to decide. Yet all pass within time's constant pace. All inside our minds. Or even possibly outside of it.



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