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Month: December 2006

caught the last sunrise of the year. the first rays of sunshine peeking through the lip of the grand canyon, spilling on a hundred rock faces. and now on the road back, to the city of sin with a year's worth of thanksgiving, friendship, and foolish shenanigans to look back on. here's to a possum 2007!

edit: i tried posting using go.blogger.com, but couldn't figure it out- the cellphone cookies don't work, and it does email straight from my POP account and doesn't ID the cellphone provider. i'll figure it out sometime. :)

quite an uneventful december blogging season for me..

merry christmas, world. :)

the murmurs of a lonely confession
are the skipping beats
of a heart that knows no words

stronger only until broken. farther only until the last step. the depths of your trials can bring you lower than your knees - but these are where wise men distinguish themselves from the fleeting passer-by's. the truth is told in stories that either complacency or misfortunes bring.

what we bring into the world, is what we take when we leave. everything else can be left behind.



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