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January 26, 2004

the past two weekends, i've been heading out to kamuning with genie in search of textiles and other fun stuff to have tailored (she has hot pants). in a small oversight, the fabric that i bought for one shirt is pretty thin. i don't mind tight shirts that hug your nipples, but this is something new. not that i have ugly nips.. its just weird wearing shirts where you can see them. i guess we all need to overcome some inhibitions one way or another. i have a feeling i won't be wearing this one in broad daylight though. unless.. well... anyway.

spent some quality time with friends cyrus and tracy today. i imagine that no matter how old we get, how fat we are around the waist, how balds our heads thin over the years.. i think there will always be a time when i'll randomly show up, stick around, and be that friend that doesn't disappear into the past like everyone else.. but be this annoying little voice that lives in the crevices of your brain folds and pesters you forever until you're forced to admit that you miss me. bwahaha.. joke. :">

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  1. where in kamuning? you really do that?look for telas and have them tailored for you? ok ba talga? where can you have it tailored? how much? :)thanks! answer them pleeeze!

  2. who is your daddy, and what does he do? joke :)

    go to the kamuning market, where they have all the fabrics. its inside kamuning, so you'll want to ask someone who knows where it is. almost 100% of my shirts for work and ALL my slacks come from there, its cheap, it fits well, and its just awesome :">

    for the cost.. depends on what you want to have made, and depends also on the fabric. for pants, labor is 300-350, fabric can range from 120-500 to 1000 pesos per yard or something.

    most of my polos are PHP120-200 per yard (1 and 1/2 yards for my size) and labor im not sure.. im thinking 400ish. so its really not bad.

    divide by 55 for US dollars if you're from the states.

    i just ask them to copy one of my shirts and there you go. :"> happy shopping!

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