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Month: July 2009

Reporting from the international lounge at LAX. After a series of mini-adventures that unfolded throughout the week that threatened to derail the airtight schedule of the next few weeks, I'm just glad that my ass is in the sterile zone waiting for departure. The bags were slightly overweight with only a 3lb cushion for my personal stuff, and my glasses decided to ditch a screw so now they're being held together by a paper clip.

Choose your Own Adventure

I'd rather be making rockets

I had to sort out a mess with the flagship carrier airline, who informed me less than a week of departure that my bookings could not be honored because of a US law that does not allow them to basically usurp similar routes that customers can get through domestic carriers (read: LAX-GUM costs almost 2x vs. LAX-MNL-GUM-MNL combined). Long story short, I had to throw a Saipan leg of my journey out the window to accommodate a 72 hour window wherein I'll be lollygagging in Manila.

And to top it off, I found out during check-in that the GUM refuel ain't happening, it's a straight flight, and the 'cabotage law' monkey wrench that effed everything over disappeared in an instant. Thanks for all drama! It's so great to finally be 28. :)


The familiar adage floating in the VW forums rings true.

If you want it done right, do it yourself

As usual, it applies to the machinery of life as well.

Hello, Milky Way

Milky Way

Only takes the world a split second to take your breath away. Get out there, and find out what really matters.

Analog Love

Diana Insta-back

Kat and I are big fans of analog. We've always had a thing for vintage and classics, warm saturated tones and colors and what not. This is a print from her Diana F+ Lomo that's fitted with Fuji Instamax film (basically: polaroid) that makes instant prints. Pretty dope, but took her awhile to get a framing technique together (which is still far from perfect). We have dozens of prints in various states of failure, many pitch black, total white, or of our friends with no heads. So basically, its pretty accurate and depicts real life very well.

Meanwhile I'm holding a box contraption that blocks out light of a Kodak Duaflex III, which is a medium format camera. I point my camera through the viewfinder to come up with a picture of, well, a picture of what a person sees when looking through the viewfinder (TTV). It's a pretty big square piece of glass, and really cool looking through it. It's amazing how the image can pop out - it's basically my own portable camera obscura.

We've all been conditioned to think that perfect is always better, that you want clean, pure, expensive, unadulterated. Yet the warm hiss and pop of vinyl, the saturated tones of a lomo print, the struggle of a 79 VW bus traversing a grade, these embody for me the beauty and soul of art. It's more fun making mistakes, it's a lot more beautiful, than being perfect.

Late Night with WP

So much has happened that I wanted to write about, but I'll probably just back-date the posts to coincide with what I wanted to write. I couldn't update since I moved out of Blogger and moved to my own install of WordPress until all the dust hath settled. The biggest hurdles were porting the old comments over from Haloscan and choosing a new theme to go with it. Well, there's still some loose ends that I need to fix and fortunately there is always a late night awaiting me at the end of every day. Long days, can quickly turn into very, very late nights.



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