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Month: December 2008


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Makati Skyline

Do which makes the most sense, even if it means the sensible thing is to not follow the beat of everyone else's drum. There are no other answers which matter except for your own, because there will be no one else to back you up on the choices you've made. People may say otherwise, but all is talk unless it's action that's spoken. Past is the past. Present is the present. The future, is the future.

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas from Team Paul, Kat, and Nickel :)
Be safe everyone!

Content is always king. Information is the driver of processes, and more importantly, the driver of value. All other enablers (i.e. technology) should be transparent to ants marching, and the amount of human interaction for processes that only require pure logic (yes, no, if, else) should be kept at a minimum. Value is lost when time is dedicated to monkey work, especially when manual processes expose you to the risk of human error. Design the process well. Do it once, and do it right. Then you can allocate scarce valuable resources in performing higher level tasks, and assessment of (more) accurate data. Let value be the goal, and the method in which to achieve success and sustain it.

Life is not rocket science. Break it down, piece by piece, and conquer.

Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide (Live at Gibson Amphitheatre 12/3)

Smashing Pumpkins - Sunkissed (Live at Gibson Amphitheatre 12/3)

What makes a good show is not just what you feel during the performance, but how it affects you afterwards. Wow.. Wow.

I distinctly remember a few years ago when I got the DVD of the Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits, and watched a gig from Seattle where they played Geek USA. They rocked out so hard it scarred my heart. I prayed to God and said I would give my left nut to see them play live - I now owe him my left nut.

At first I was skeptical about the impending reality of seeing the Pumpkins, albeit sans original lineup. It was mainly Corgan with support of Chamberlin who wrote the material anyway, so I'm not too fazzled by that part. However, it's just the idea of liking something so much, investing your own feelings toward a certain art, and to be given the privilege of being a part of it. I mean, being a part it although you're the audience, in some passive visceral way, still puts you in the boundaries of being able to share that collective experience together with the artist. And I can't imagine anything else less gratifying.

I was secretly hoping that they would suck. Just to ground the whole idea of them as my personal super band. But no. Billy's guitar had this familiar voice, which I've heard countless times blasting through my speakers before. But this time, it was real. So heavy, so pure, and so real. Shit, they rocked. I have no idea how the band manages to recreate the depth of their sound, outside of the studio. I am just totally smitten. I'm on Craiglist now trying to find pit tickets for tomorrow's show. It's the last show of their tour. My new t-shirt says "Celebrating 20 Years of Sadness".

Thank you, Smashing Pumpkins for allowing me to know what it's like to feel, when you realize you love music.

Outside Love

Inside small spaces we find
what's hiding across imaginations
to forget about the ants marching.



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