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Month: February 2011

Escaping the Rain

Greetings from the Mojave Desert, a little day trip for President's Day weekend.

Make Your Best

Jellyfish from 2005

When tomorrow comes, will we look back at yesterday and be proud?

In the beginning we have nothing. And when it ends, we leave everything behind.

Pardon The Dust


In the course of tonight's unforeseen late-night website housekeeping, I managed to completely destroy a few things on my blog. It's 1996 all over again here at Geocities and I'm putting up the equivalent perennial animated GIF that screams "Under Construction" in 16-color glory. Apparently I keep adopting tools that do not automagically correct themselves, seamlessly, and painlessly for all those concerned. Hence all the juicy errors and crap layout- the scabs of building my own fort outside the social network. I kept thinking about the mad crowd chanting the "F" word. No, I will not do Facebook because I like causing myself unnecessary pain and passionately seek the sensation of dried out eyeballs staring at the cold glow of a monitor typing code one line at a time in the middle of the night.

I hope I could say these words sooner rather than later: that I would like to invite you - dear stranger on the intarwebz - to say hello and throw me a bone on the comment system. Because a guestbook from the 90's don't cut it anymore, and I'm testing out a mew (metter than new) commenting system that logs you on using your social network credentials. Yes people, that means Facebook, Twitter, and of course your ATM pin.

Need. Beer.

Happy Valentines Day

This is my Valentines Day card - which is a wooden print - for a certain Ms. Kat. :)

Wood Prints

Wood Prints

More here.

Office Fridays

Boss our numbers are off

Boss, our numbers are off. Let's call it a weekend?

Nicholas Waldorf III

Nicholas got a haircut

Lost Hills

Loves Love

Greetings from earlier today. Headed south towards the grapevine, cruising 55 on the 5.
We're back, Los Angeles.

Audio Technica

Audio Technica

Dance to Vinyl. Then you'll know what it's like to feel alive.

San Francisco

San Francisco

SF Sunset
Today's sunset.



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