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Exploring Together

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Happiness is a Volkswagen far from home. Exploring the new and the old, together with those who matter to you the most. Constantly reminded of the beauty in all things, in the most unexpected places.

Best Decision Ever


Love takes us to mysterious places. Four years ago, setting forth with the most beautiful souls I could ever dream of. Never stop exploring, never stop living a life of awesome.

Waiting for The Bear

Waiting for Mato

Sometimes it's easy to humanize our pets, anthromorphosize their actions, and project our own feelings into their psyche. There are those rare moments however, that our relationship with the rest of the world (esp those who do not use words), starts to speak volumes. When we realize that we do not just live in our own world limited to only what we feel and experience, it becomes such a powerful reason to be a better human being. The love we know and share is felt and understood intimately by those we choose to share it with.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of knowing Nickel's personality, he normally doesn't give a fuck. Until that day he and I both knew without a doubt - Kat is one of the strongest women we are truly blessed to have in our lives.

And for that to be said with two black beady eyes? That isn't anthromorphosizing - he was simply telling the truth.


What is The Best Date Ever?

Love is once in a lifetime, because it lasts forever. Happy birthday to the most beautiful human being that fills my world with meaning and color.  I love you @tangerinelove!!

Love is once in a lifetime, because it lasts forever. Happy birthday to the most beautiful human being that fills my world with meaning and color. I love you @tangerinelove!!

Regrets are for Losers

At the Border

Two years ago today, we crossed the Canadian border into the 49th US state. Even though we barely rolled in as the border agent literally pushed us back into America, driving to Alaska (roughly similar distance from LA-NY) via an air-cooled VW is one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime.

Take your chances, and most especially the time to do the things in life that you dream of. Because while dreams are made when you close your eyes, they only come true when you wake up and make them happen. #vw #volkswagen #bus #alaska #goforgold #roadtrip #homeiswhereyouparkit

Dear Daddy Ike


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Year Two

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Revolutions of the earth, phases of the moon, rotations of our lives. It wasn't a long time ago that we drove out into the desert in our air-cooled VW, dragged out our immediate family and forced our best friend to legally wed us. After all, this was the very definition of our church - a sacred place of worship that all at once represented our belief in the inherent beauty of nature, the fragility of the earth, the mysteries of life, and our mind-defying ability to fall in love.

There are times that we get pulled into the trappings of daily life. Each of us needs a foothold to keep us anchored to the blossoms of slowly understanding who we are in the greater scheme of things. To remind ourselves that life does not last forever, but the beauty we create inside and outside our relationships hopefully will.

Four Months After

Published our wedding website last week for friends and family:

We'll be having a small reception for folks in the US, and are still planning a shebang for Manila sometime later this year. If you are very special, you might even get to see a few easter eggs at the site:

As usual, we built everything from the ground up - Kat did the wonderful illustrations and I coded the nerd end of the site. Since this is the first time we've done anything like this, any comments are appreciated ;)

Don't Take Candy From Strangers

Family Portrait

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween! Greetings from our dysfunctional family in the San Fernando Valley.

My Wife

Kat's Self Portrait

Shortly before we got married. :)

Dear Mr. Postman

Dear Mr. Postman

Dear Mr. Postman

We have some sort of announcement to make!

I will also make a not-so-crazy speculation that you will never meet another couple who personally hand-stamped the postmark on the envelopes themselves. No one. Except the two crazy cats "Paul and Kat".

The Grandstand

The Grandstand

Homestake Dry Camp

Last night, we slow danced under the moonlight and slept underneath a blanket of stars.

This, cannot be further from how I imagine life should be.

October is Here

Where are we going?

Where are we going?

There are times in your life when you wait for something to happen, before you choose to act. You wait for the confidence to envelop your doubts, you wait for the mental calm to assuage your fears. The gut feel, the whisper in your head, the incessant beating of your heart. Some wait for a short time, others wait forever.

Break out of your molds, and leave the past behind. Find yourself.
October is here. And so is now.

Where is Home?

You are so goddamn right, Egg. So. Damn. Right.

I miss you, and I love you.

Did You Know?

Nickel was on TV yesterday!!!

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