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Month: January 2015

Dedeckera Canyon

Tested another version of the swivel mount during the first day of the year, this time using a wheel-bearing assembly (razor scooter), instead of a wheel caster. I thought it would get rid of a lot of "shake" I was getting from engine vibration, since there is a lot of play in the caster wheel. Looks like it didn't really make a difference, and most of the excess vibration from the too-stiff motor mounts was getting absorbed by the new Hero 4's super wide angle anyway. Next project is to replace the motor mounts back to rubber from poly, to smoothen out the bone-jarring idle we started getting after doing the 1.6L 16v motor swap. Or, what about getting a gimbal? $!

Talk Less, Be Heard More

The person you need to listen to the most is yourself, not to appease the expectations of other people, but because there is no excuse not putting yourself to a higher standard, especially when that is the only thing that you have absolute control in your life. We do not have to justify our emotions to afford them an ounce of reality. Emotions are fleeting. Act because the truth of your actions are grounded in your beliefs. That your actions ring true to the person you really are, and more importantly, the person you want to become.

Listen more. And the world will hear you.

Eureka Sand Dunes Moonset

Spent the new year under a blanket of stars before the magnificent Eureka Sand Dunes in Death Valley. Absolutely stunning, but beauty always has its price - temps plunging into the 20's overnight froze everything including all our drinking water. Slept in a tent, and woke up at 1am to take a timelapse of the moon sinking behind the mountains around us. As I said before.. if your bed is comfortable, the view is probably not that great.



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