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Month: March 2012

My Morning Commute

Hello, Alaska

This is categorically the most amazing view I've ever had outside a plane window - second only to that green wisp of Aurora Borealis I met for the first time, on a solo trip in 2003. This trip of course, came with a price to pay in the form of a 12-hour delayed connecting flight. I would do it again only if I had the rest of my team with me.

Tired, but I need to keep prepping myself that the mission has yet to begin. Bring it on.

Four Months After

Published our wedding website last week for friends and family:

We'll be having a small reception for folks in the US, and are still planning a shebang for Manila sometime later this year. If you are very special, you might even get to see a few easter eggs at the site:

As usual, we built everything from the ground up - Kat did the wonderful illustrations and I coded the nerd end of the site. Since this is the first time we've done anything like this, any comments are appreciated ;)



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