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i attended a 3 hour seminar this morning for beasley water systems / BMG solar. now i can make a sales pitch on why its economical to use solar energy albeit the higher initial investment, and i can explain how the thermosyphon conduction principle works to circulate the water in the solar panels. mmm. interesting.

yesterday i had another interview for a small brokerage firm. the nature of the job is to seek clients who would invest a minimum of $10,000 (shiyet thats half a million pesos!), but instead of putting money into stocks, the money is traded on foreign exchange. i'm still not sure if i should take it up, but it seems interesting. i just want something that'll make me learn something about the market. maybe i'm just scared of starting to work. i'm such a pro-bono slacker bum extraordinaire. beer anyone?

in a quest to prepare myself for white collar sweatshopping, i went to kamuning the other day to get myself measured. nothing beats having your slacks and shirts tailor made for dirt-ass cheap prices. if you want to go shop for tela (textiles), let me know..

it was deutsche's 2nd death anniversary today (4th). i miss that bastard. i guess he just lives vicariously through us, and through the shady memories he left us. cheers to you buddy, wherever you are. anyway, i spent some time with joy whom i haven't seen since she's practically married to her damn thesis. computer science just does something to you that i don't want to understand. well we finally caught up, but instead of having our fortunes told, we ended up having cake and tea. she had sisig too, that's gross. sisig and tea? for the americans, sisig is cut up pig nose, ears, and other things you don't want to know on a sizzling plate. sorta like crunchy ground beef. its awesome with beer, you just need to have an open mind. its like eating cat. just open your mind, and be free. hahaha ;)

you'll probably make a mockery out of this one. yes, we are fans. yes, we think she's gorgeous. but honestly, we watch the band, not just barbie. in fact, the drummer wendell, mon and i spent some time reminiscing of the booming local 90's music scene. we were pissed cos we were too young to go out and discover the bands ourselves- thank god the radio flooded with indie music. i never would've known how important those days would be until i got older.. but at the same time i'm still too young to realize that these days are important as well. do i? uhh.. what?

i'm developing carpal tunnel syndrome because of friendster.com. add me! it's addicting to just click through the connections.. it's a small world, and its getting smaller. yikes.

i declined citibank's offer late last night. working overtime until 8pm everyday for minimal pay just isn't appealing. i felt this pang of reality, that this is my last summer. it's too early to whore myself, especially since i'm lucky enough to have the option of bumming a little longer. i have stuff to do, like grab my backpack, hop on a 12 hour bus ride, and take pictures of pagudpud and bora. life is too short, you have to do what you have to do.. when you can.

citibank called me this morning to schedule an interview.. tomorrow morning? are they crazy? idiot me wokeup with their 5pm phone call, just to give you an idea of how screwed up my biological clock is. since i was groggy and had no clue what was going on, i agreed. agh. i wonder how it'll go. i haven't done this in awhile; the last two interviews i had for internships ended miserably in an unemployed lovine. however, the biggest problem is that i have no clothes at all, i left my slacks and leather shoes in the states. goodness. thank god vic let me borrow his slacks, we're about the same size. hey i just thought, it would suck to have this problem in the states.. i can't even BUY clothes that fit!
i saw a lot of people today! i randomly ran into tita bing at jollibee in rockwell, now how random is that? i have the biggest crush on her, but don't tell anyone. she's really pretty. sorry kath. anyway, aside from that, richie and leo at rockwell, selena and zeldie at pier one, joy, john, marc, muri, gk gorgeous at greenbelt. yikes! anyway i think this is the apex of my drinking habit- on my way home i got detoured by the messed up traffic scheme at new manila and ended up in a dead end one way eskinita and had to back my ass up a long ways which is hard enough when you're sober. and ther, i finally heard that "mamatay ka na sana" song! gagu hindi naman yun sugar free ah!
this past tuesday was barbie's birthday! being the loyal fans that we are, we headed down to bagaberde to watch their gig. it was funny to see yasmin, i should invite her when i watch other gigs. anyway, the place was packed, and there were a lot of girls.. however they're the ones on the same side of the fence as we are, if you get my point. hmm.

i haven't seen sunlight the past week. well, not entirely. there are moments i see light coming through the venetian blinds at six in the morning before i go to bed. i was surprised i woke up at 930 this morning, and i think the maids were perplexed as well. for some reason i couldn't go back to sleep so i just read the papers. normally i get out of my room at 4ish. gross, no? some just might be jealous, with work or school sapping the life out of you. well, my laziness is sapping the life out of me. so let's call it quits.

i watched razorback at rock radio in alabang last night, and they kicked ass! aris their sound technician was surprised to see me, he thought i was from the south.. cos it is quite a drive and i understand why people wouldn't bother to make the trip. i don't really mind, it was my first time to see them and i was with mon and GK anyway, fun times! even though right before we were about to leave some weird bitch was being really rude to GK. it made us all mad and so i spotted another round of red horse to calm our nerves down. people from the south are weird. thank goodness for beer and music.

it's LMU's first day of classes today! its funny seeing all these people show up online again on AIM. i met so many people the last few years, that it's great to see.. well nevermind, i don't see them anymore. but it's fun thinking about it. i miss hanging out at convo hour outside under the sun. socal weather is just heavenly. but screw the weather, what i really miss are my friends! boo!

i'm still a little cranky and aloof a little bit. this is what i get for being stupid. i have these bouts of carefree happiness, and when my mind turns idle, it churns out high grade low-self-esteem fuel. oh, my beautiful mind can make sense of everything except its own thoughts. what a let down. poink!

i need something to pacify me, and bring me out of this slump i'm in. i don't know if it's the idleness of being a bum, or the emotional turmoil thats starting to brew in me. i think i've trapped myself by sub-consciously allowing therese to be such a big part of my life, i can't function with these hangups that come with the package. but i'm not saying that i regret having her as part of me, i guess i'm just realizing the whole significance of it all. she's my bestest friend in the world, and i love her dearly, but recently i'm allowing myself to act differently for reasons i'm not even sure of. i'm successfully adding unnecessary strains in our friendship.. i just want to stop being an asshole, and just be me. funny how i can't even get a grip on that one. if i were my own friend, i'd bonk myself over the head. a million times.
sometimes, i just want to disappear. preferrably northern norway so i can just watch the aurora borealis every night..

funny how their bassist rommel already recognizes me. wait, nevermind. i've been to their last 3 gigs without fail. what a sad schmuck i am. but how can you be a sucker for good music? i love it when they jam their covers, and taint it with samba beats, jazz rhythms, and just paint it with their sound..

watched the ateneo-lasalle game, rode the MRT two days in a row, saw the city of god and swimming pool during the filmfest, finished the freelance project for cita astals (i basically re-did it, and this time she was really happy, and so was i).. summer isn't as boring as i thought it would be.

before i forget, here's a story. sunday my family went out for some sushi, and my dad wouldn't stop teasing me about looking like dao ming si or whoever the hell he is. now all of you who are from manila, just shutup. its annoying. even the waitress from the restaurant was mocking me about it. hell, everyone mocks me about it.. what's ironic, my brother lovell pointed out, is how our parents have accepted my long hair... and actually oppose me cutting it! has the world turned upside down? what a trade-off. i get to keep my long hair, but have to live a life of ridicule and mockery. can't everyone just mind their own business?

she makes out with her cute co-worker in the company bathroom. during breaks, or on office hours, who will ever know? our girl knows how to pick her men- this one came from graduate school in stanford, and knowing her taste, he's probably not bad looking either. i can't believe she makes out in the bathroom.. with her co-worker, nonetheless. if it were her boss, then that would just kill me. what an adventurer. what a thrill-seeking sport. we're proud of you, andrea! :D
you are eye candy that hurts to look at. thanks for turning everything upside down, though you probably won't even see this. :)i'm such a loser.
we are fans of barbie's cradle. i never thought i'd think twice about seeing them, but i guess i was just really surprised the first time i saw them at how good they are live. they've got my thumbs up, and i'm sure to spread the word to my friends :) let's watch! you guys have to see them!

okay its 4am and amber is barking outside my door. she never usually barks. sometimes i get nightmares that there is a ghost of my grandfather outside near the sala. he used to live with us, in a room right beside our altar. and where amber is, is pretty much right in front of it. maybe i'm just paranoid. but who can blame me, wouldn't you get freaked out when dogs bark at seemingly nothing? who are we to know, anyway.. i think its time to go to bed.

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