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September 4, 2003
it was deutsche's 2nd death anniversary today (4th). i miss that bastard. i guess he just lives vicariously through us, and through the shady memories he left us. cheers to you buddy, wherever you are. anyway, i spent some time with joy whom i haven't seen since she's practically married to her damn thesis. computer science just does something to you that i don't want to understand. well we finally caught up, but instead of having our fortunes told, we ended up having cake and tea. she had sisig too, that's gross. sisig and tea? for the americans, sisig is cut up pig nose, ears, and other things you don't want to know on a sizzling plate. sorta like crunchy ground beef. its awesome with beer, you just need to have an open mind. its like eating cat. just open your mind, and be free. hahaha ;)

you'll probably make a mockery out of this one. yes, we are fans. yes, we think she's gorgeous. but honestly, we watch the band, not just barbie. in fact, the drummer wendell, mon and i spent some time reminiscing of the booming local 90's music scene. we were pissed cos we were too young to go out and discover the bands ourselves- thank god the radio flooded with indie music. i never would've known how important those days would be until i got older.. but at the same time i'm still too young to realize that these days are important as well. do i? uhh.. what?

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  1. true! remember betrayed's song without you? for the longest time i thought it was foreign!

    when was this pic? this tues lang? and you guys aren't fans, you're groupies!

  2. i took the picture the same night of the blog. they play at tapika along katipunan on thursdays :)

    GP get your ass over to manila! i dont think i can go to bora.. EXTEND!!

  3. not groupies, band-aids! hahaha. lovine: "we don't make love to the rock stars, we just..."

    ah, i love almost famous.

  4. dammit man... im going to extend... i have to go see barbie! she is absolutely beautiful. Send me more pics of her!

    You dumbass... you are going to miss out if you dont go to boracay. GO!

  5. i just talked to the president of the company... today is my last day!! woohoo!!!!!!!! I am definitely going to extend.

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