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August 12, 2003

funny how their bassist rommel already recognizes me. wait, nevermind. i've been to their last 3 gigs without fail. what a sad schmuck i am. but how can you be a sucker for good music? i love it when they jam their covers, and taint it with samba beats, jazz rhythms, and just paint it with their sound..

watched the ateneo-lasalle game, rode the MRT two days in a row, saw the city of god and swimming pool during the filmfest, finished the freelance project for cita astals (i basically re-did it, and this time she was really happy, and so was i).. summer isn't as boring as i thought it would be.

before i forget, here's a story. sunday my family went out for some sushi, and my dad wouldn't stop teasing me about looking like dao ming si or whoever the hell he is. now all of you who are from manila, just shutup. its annoying. even the waitress from the restaurant was mocking me about it. hell, everyone mocks me about it.. what's ironic, my brother lovell pointed out, is how our parents have accepted my long hair... and actually oppose me cutting it! has the world turned upside down? what a trade-off. i get to keep my long hair, but have to live a life of ridicule and mockery. can't everyone just mind their own business?

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