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September 9, 2003
i attended a 3 hour seminar this morning for beasley water systems / BMG solar. now i can make a sales pitch on why its economical to use solar energy albeit the higher initial investment, and i can explain how the thermosyphon conduction principle works to circulate the water in the solar panels. mmm. interesting.

yesterday i had another interview for a small brokerage firm. the nature of the job is to seek clients who would invest a minimum of $10,000 (shiyet thats half a million pesos!), but instead of putting money into stocks, the money is traded on foreign exchange. i'm still not sure if i should take it up, but it seems interesting. i just want something that'll make me learn something about the market. maybe i'm just scared of starting to work. i'm such a pro-bono slacker bum extraordinaire. beer anyone?

in a quest to prepare myself for white collar sweatshopping, i went to kamuning the other day to get myself measured. nothing beats having your slacks and shirts tailor made for dirt-ass cheap prices. if you want to go shop for tela (textiles), let me know..

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  1. yeah, i miss people and bumming at kath's house and eating for free. :S

    now i know what you meant when you said friendster was giving you carpal tunnel. where are you? i can't find you!

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