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March 13, 2004

i caught a nasty cold last night, and now i'm packing kleenex sheets into neat little squares as i always do when i catch a sniffle. i hate it when one nostril clogs until you shift your body weight over to another side and then the other side clogs up. punyeta.

i had my bonding moment with sassy ass naz earlier today, and i probably caught him off guard with a few random sacks (!) of trivial information. i love that guy! :')

later on i went to shangri-la alone because i have no friends and scoured the place to find something interesting to wear on my date friday with nikki.. i just need to dress to the 9's because she's just TOO adorable for me to come unprepared! unfortunately the only thing i ended up buying were two packs of travel kleenex; i eventually hopped on the next MRT to greenbelt where i heard there's a preppie boy vest waiting to be bought at polo garage. of course it breaks my heart that the smallest size available is a medium, which is enough to fit two of me in, unless i had cup D man-boobs. and then i find this great pair of shorts upstairs, only to find them in 30's. so i get back on the MRT empty handed where this random guy wearing a backpack on his tummy nonchalantly tries to rub my butt whilst pretending to hold his bag. or maybe he was trying to snatch my cell. either which way, please stop rubbing your hand on my butt, ok. it turns me on. JOKE! haha!

actually, yesterday i was back at papajeks because i couldn't help myself. my friend mon had to acquiesce to the fact that theirs was close to gilligan's sisig. tonight naman i ended up lounging at countryside, where they have the best barbecue. hear me squeal! oinkkk!

teka mahaba na to. oops.

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  1. hate it when i end up not buying anything after going through all the trouble of going to a place expecting that i'd be able to buy something!

    hate it the same way as me not buying something because i feel like i can find something else better and when i realize that i can't find anything else but that thing ~ it's all too late 'coz that someone got it while i was looking for some other thing.

    by the way ... that guy who was rubbing your butt - 'twas me! joke!

    love your site! someone told me 'bout it and now i find myself checking it out on my spare time - keep the entries coming man!

  2. thanks for dropping by jjerc!! visitors make me happy :)

    andrea i am NOT getting any action because if i do, i'm going to jail! haha! ;)

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