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March 9, 2004

i wasn't amused when our internet at home konked out the whole weekend. but now that i'm set free of this technical glitch, let me get on with my rambling. over the weekend, one of my bosses had a quaint little wedding in the faraway hills of tagaytay. i'm glad i made the drive out alone, it paved way for a series of interesting twists and turns. and as always, the weekend came and went faster than the bat of an eyelash.

today i found out that two of my really sweet and kooky officemates will be ending this week, which made me really bummed out. with our position, contract expiry is the common denominator.. either you get hired (subject to availability) or you don't. well anyway, they were two people that i could never really imagine the office without, and its a bucket of cold water over my head knowing that everyone really goes on with their lives regardless of whether or not they adhere to whatever box you put people and experiences in. no shit sherlock, the world is turning. there's always that magical hole wherein random beautiful things come to an end. and whatever replaces it can be beautiful as well.. of course, like with everything else.. that's only when you choose to see it that way. tomorrow we will celebrate with bottles of ice cold san miguel for the past, the future, and everything in between. yeah!

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  1. ey men.

    weng and lala ang aalis tama ba? ganyan talaga ang buhay eh. life goes on... and you will go on as well on of these days...

    no loss really. temporary sadness lang when people go. basta masaya sila where they're going right?

    AT IKAW BATA KA, hehe.. ur days are probably numbered as well.

    I got this quote from this morning's GA:

    "One day at a time - this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future for it has yet to come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering." -- Ida Scott Taylor

  2. no loss really.. but again, its just a bucket of cold water over me. i'm used to meeting people and leaving them behind, but i usually come back anyway or catch up to wherever they are. anyway, i was weirded out because i thought i was used to it, but it was funny to see me affected about it. it was really quiet today man. you can imagine.

    ubq2s, wag ka magpaloko kay naz! :)

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