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April 6, 2003

had an interesting conversation with alana. i feel that she's somewhat of a real psychologist, and its beginning to really interest me how they think. of course the schmuck thinks i'm not strong enough to deal with whatever she thinks of me, and basically told me to figure out my life myself. well, where's the fun in that?? although there must be some fun in trying to nitpick your brain and ego yourself, but i think that marks the onset of going crazy. and for some reason, talking about myself makes me feel selfish in a weird way anyway. maybe she was right, why do i even bother? agh.

very interesting weekend, it was ellen's birthday on thursday and hung out with a few deutscheland kids at harry o's. on friday was the theta formal with breanne, that was interesting as well. i had fun, i've never been on a formal and it was an experience. actually i was glad i was with bri, cos its not awkward to go with her and its all fun :) funny thing was that it was on fantasea one, the same boat that my sister had her reception at for her wedding.

today, i finally made it to amoeba records with alana, deidra and becky, and hoarded a few CDs. i got the CDs that i should've gotten a long time ago: smashing pumpkins - pisces iscariot, the singles soundtrack, ben harper - fight for your mind, kula shaker - peasants pigs and astronauts, and gomez - in our gun. the whole weekend i've been listening to a lot of smashing pumpkins, i just think billy makes simplyamazing music, in the most fundamental and artistic sense of the term.

well, now with this damn daylight savings crap, its now close to 4am. will i ever get to bed early and wakeup early like normal people do? but why be normal.. when at the end of the day you're still yourself anyway. hmmmMm. Ü

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