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April 8, 2003
there is an imminent need to catch up to the big projects at hand.. the one that casts the biggest shadow is the mergers project. ahh. sometimes i wonder why i'm a finance major. and today i was stuck in the "advanced information technology" lab cos this cute MBA student was looking for a pencil for her test, and of course being the idiot that i am let her borrow it, and she didnt return till 2 hours afterwards i was done with my assignment.. which was also quite harrowing, i had no idea why i was doing an information systems emphasis on top of finance, at that moment.

and in a month, i'm out of loyola forever. how good does that sound? how bad does that sound? what DO i hear?

alana and i watched open mic tonight, where to our horror, the girl sitting in front of us had half of the entire length of her butt crack exposed. they said SARS was contagious, but dude, that was a health hazard if i've ever seen one. of course she decided to go commando in her jeans - there was just no way that any form of underwear would slip lower, with the sheer amount of buttcrack we saw. and why did alana have to bring up the image of that old lady in puerto vallarta who had ass hair? which was so long, i would actually have paid one of those peddlers to braid her ass hair for her. not to be mean or anything.. it was just an extremely odd image. weird situations call for weird comments i guess. i just hope it doesn't happen to me. *cross fingers*

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