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May 16, 2009

I'm online from the Bolt Bus, en route from NY to DC. It's 7:50am, and I'm running on a few hours of sleep with a barely manageable hangover. Yet, here I am, writing nonsense on this thing called the intarwebz while I remotely print payroll reports for the office. So, this must be the future. Pretty cool, but I must say, it's weird being online on the road - the jitters make me dizzy, and I can hear my mom in the back of my head saying that it's bad to read in a car, it'll ruin my eyesight. Maybe if I had another beer, it could numb the pain a bit better.

New York is a blast. To be honest, Kat and I were barely in the city for 48 hours but I am pretty certain we've milked it for what it's worth. A new quote came about this morning as we trudged our way out of Gus's apartment: "Party like a rock star, wake up like.. shit."

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