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May 4, 2005

and so i'm minding my own business trying to record a video clip of nine inch nails, calmly trying to keep a steady grip on my camera above my head while i silently pepper expletives on being a tiny asian man. out of the blue, something violently hits me over my shoulder and into my camera- it turns out to be this chubby goth girl crowd-surfing. well, normally i'm a mild-mannered bundle of shits and giggles, but i'm honestly just sick and tired of wrecking my camera once again.

what the hell, right? ever so gracefully, i pushed her butt up as high as i could which caused the rest of her fat body to tilt diagonally, head first, into the bare plot of earth conveniently parted from the crowd in front of me. and then she eats it!! like i've never seen anyone eat it before. all in slow motion as she thuds to the ground, i nonchalantly chuckle to myself and go on to check for any collateral damage to the camera as a crowd of people circle to help her.

not that i'm a bad person, but i found it really amusing. she was fine afterwards and was up in the arms of the crowd again, only to disappear a few seconds later to repeat her sorry ass fate. for those slightly less adventurous, here's bloc party.

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  1. hey, still remember the time when you got off the elevator in citibank because of overloading?! It was primarily due to these 2 fat ass girls who got into it as well... you got sooo pissed off that you had beer for lunch! hehe. that was funny! :)

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