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April 29, 2005

coachella this weekend. sorry, but i've declared gloating rights, and a lovine holiday. i'm so stoked!

instead of getting with the program and packing my stuff, i end up blogging to pass the time while i burn CDs for the road. it's some sort of ritual before long drives, to solicit sleepless nights cramming as many decent playlists i can muster. i need to organize my music. and my life. which might possibly be the same thing.. oooohhh..

i'm tired. but never too tired for the weekend! woot.

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  1. i missed caochella but I was able to see coldplay and a lot of other bands at a kcrw concert at the amphitheatre last march ata. Galing ng cafe tucuba. There were other good bands...but they never gave fliers so I didn't get the names. I remember Nelly Mckay(?) playing one of her funny songs. Saw Maroon 5 and Phantom Planet the next day at the same venue.

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