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February 17, 2004

i've been swamped with work since the beginning of the week, and i love it. for some reason all the cutoffs and random timely duties i need to accomplish fell around the same time frame, in addition to extra tasks that were assigned to me. i don't mind because i still have the nights to myself. besides, i'm a nerd like that. yeah.

being idle gets me really uptight. i need to be moving, thinking about new things, accomplishing tasks. sitting pretty for any extended period of time just scares me - i feel like i'm letting my youth pass me by. inside burns this unsatiable desire to figuratively dirty my fingernails, scratch and bruise my ego, but collectively assert through random experiences that yes, i am alive, that i am not stupid, that i can be of resource to the world. i remedy this restlessness by working hard when i can, but drinking more when humanly possible. just kidding!! *ick*

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  1. hoy lovine, balita? r u ther for good or babalik ka dito? btw ang angas ng picture mo sa lovine.com. saan yun? ikaw ba yun? astig.

  2. dein dude... labas moko sa L.A. !!!!! hehehe. ako graduate december pa so theres a lot of time to come here. kelan ka punta NY? or balik ka ba LA?

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