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February 12, 2004

according to my friendster profile, yes, i do like picking my nose. and here i am with raya mananquil sharing the moment. yay! haha! click on us picking our noses, there are more pictures from wednesday night. it was an event for citibank, launching of our new mini visa card.

in all honesty, one of the biggest reasons i went was for the open bar.. and i wanted to see who the other citibankers were. anyway, the open bar pooped out really early so i had to shell out for a glass of wine to keep my sanity in check. manila is one crazy SOB i'd have to say. it's a wednesday night, and people are out partying. i imagine that its not even because of that event, but its really like that everyday of the week. i fear for my liver. help!

before i went to the event actually, i went to kathlyn's flat for dinner with mon and therese, and then to the airport to bid her goodbye. i'll see her in a couple of months, but i still miss that schmuck head. i've been promising to post pictures, but i'm having a hard time screening them. hee hee.

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